Summer Employment
Re-hire with Different Position

Student has obtained a new job on-campus (different from Fall/Spring 2013-2014 position)

These students have networked to find a job and have already been selected by a hiring manager for the new summer position.

Please follow the steps below to complete being hired into your new position:

1. Fill out a Student Employment Application for the new position
2. Complete employment processing with Career Services

Step 1 – Fill out a Student Employment Application

• Even though you have already obtained a job by networking, you will still need to have a Student Employment Application on file with Career Services for this new position.

• Fill out the Student Employment Application for the position you have obtained and bring a copy of it with your Campus Work Study Employment form to Career Services.

Step 2- Complete the Employment Process with Career Services

• Take your Campus Work Study Employment Form and completed Student Employment Application for your new position to the Career Services Department (LRC 510). This form must be signed by your hiring manager.

• If your I-9 documentation (includes a valid ID being on file with Career Services) is current your paperwork will be processed and your hiring manager will be notified.

• Once your employment has been approved by the Career Services Department, you can begin planning your work schedule with your hiring manager and schedule your start date.