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Bienvenidos! !שלום 歡迎!

The Facility

The Language Lab and Cultural Center occupies two large rooms with foreign language learning resources and equipment. The Language Lab room contains 28 stations, each with a computer and a USB headphone/microphone. This allows faculty to hold a class session in which all students have access to a specific website or software as directed by their professor. Students may also use the lab when not being used for class. 

Other equipment in the lab includes:

  • the Sympodium smart board display at the instructor station that provides unique interactive lecturing capabilities
  • an ELMO video presentation stand to display a projected image of anything under the document camera
  • a Panasonic LCD display projector with 8-foot screen

The Cultural Center contains a language resource library of books, magazines, DVDs, CD-ROMs and audio CDs which can acquaint students with another country's culture as well as teach various aspects of language construction. The room has 14 computers with headphones and various software (such as Rosetta Stone) which allows students to learn interactively.

The Cultural Center assists students currently studying a foreign language and culture, whether as part of a class or individually. Those currently enrolled in a foreign language class can enhance and reaffirm what they are being taught, and those who wish to pursue another language on their own can do so. Additionally, the LLCC helps those going to another country by allowing them to brush up on the language they will need for their trip, whether it is a mission trip with ORU or an upcoming semester abroad.

Hours of Operation


8:00 am - 9:00 pm


8:00 am - 8:00 pm

Saturday 8:00 am - 6:00 pm


Language Tutoring

Tutors are available for all languages we teach. See here for the tutoring schedule.

The English and Modern Language Department also offers individual tutoring through our advanced language students and native speakers. Please contact the department office for at 918.495.6765 for more information on other available tutors. The Academic Peer Advisor Program also offers individual and group tutoring from nationally-certified students.

Contact Us:

Our office: (918) 495-6169
On-campus: ex. 6169

Language Lab Coordinator

David Farnsworth
(918) 495-6768
on-campus: ex. 6768