Summer Employment - New Hire

Student (new hire) or student who worked prior to the 2011-2012 academic year.

These students have not worked any regular on-campus positions in the past (weekend positions such as College Weekend and shuttle driving positions do not count in this case as past on-campus employment) or has only worked in work study prior to the 2011-2012 school year.

Please follow the steps below to obtain a new on-campus employment position:

  1. Access the Golden Hire Network
  2. Search for an On-Campus Summer Employment Job
  3. Fill out a Student Employment Application
  4. Submit your Application to an open Work Study Position
  5. Complete Employment Processing with Career Services


Step 1 - Access the Golden Hire Network

Log in to your ORU Golden Hire Network account or register for an account to find open work study positions. When setting up your account do not submit a resume to this system unless you are looking for an off-campus position; all on-campus positions will require a student employment application rather than a resume.

(If you already have an active Golden Hire Network account and do not need help accessing your account, you may skip to Step 3)

Option 1 – If you already have a Golden Hire Network account and need help accessing it:

• Go to the ORU Golden Hire Network (ORU's Job Database/networking system)

• Enter your log-in, which will be the e-mail address you used to create the account

• If you do not know your password, click "Forgot Password" to have your password reset and sent to your e-mail account on file.

• If these options do not work for you, please contact Career Services 918.495.6912 for help in accessing your account.

• Once you have successfully logged into the Golden Hire Network you will first need to complete your personal information, academic information, and employment tabs under your profile before being able to view available on-campus jobs.

Option 2 – If you do not have a Golden Hire Network account:

• Register for a Golden Hire Network account

• Complete the profile sections - personal information, academic information and employment

• All areas with a red asterisk (*) are required

• Once you have submitted your registration, check your registered e-mail for an "E-mail Verification" message with a link included. Click on this link to verify your e-mail address (Please note: if you cannot click on the link, copy and paste the entire link into a new internet web browser. Link may be longer than one line, make sure you copy the whole link)

• Once you have verified your e-mail, Career Services will need to approve your Golden Hire account in order to activate it. Sometimes this takes up to 24 hours, but if you need it done quicker please contact Career Services at 918.495.6912 or

• (In addition to helping you complete the process of applying for campus work study positions, your completed profiles will aid you in future job searches as a student and as an alumni. In order to search campus work study jobs or off-campus jobs, apply to open positions or post documents on the Golden Hire Network, your personal, academic and employment tabs need to be fully filled out.)


Step 2 - Search for an On-Campus Summer Position

This can be accomplished two different ways:

1. The first method is for students to visit various on-campus departments they are interested in working for and inquire about open positions. Students should be prepared to be interviewed on the spot for potential open positions or be prepared to set up a time to come back for an interview.

2. The second method is to look at available positions posted on the Golden Hire Network by following the instructions below:

• From your ORU Golden Hire Network account, click on the "Jobs and Internships" tab on the top navigation bar

• Under this tab click on the top option - "Jobs Posted to the ORU Golden Hire Network/ORU"

• The gray jobs sub tab will allow you to search all on-campus summer positions

• Under "Position Type" choose the option "ORU Summer Employment"

• Select a position to apply for and fill out the Student Employment Application for that specific position (see Step 5).

Step 3 - Fill out a Student Employment Application

• Click to download the Student Employment Application and save it to your computer before you fill out any portion of this document.

When applying for an opening, fill out the application and the course schedule page completely. Be sure to indicate both your course schedule as well as available work hours.

When you have completely filled out your application, save the completed document to your computer. Be sure to save and rename this for each position you fill it out for.

A separate application must be submitted for each position you are applying for; tailor your application to the job description of the open position.  


Step 4 - Submit your Application to an Open Position

On the ORU Golden Hire Network, under the job you are applying for, there will be instructions on how to submit your application. Review the "How to Apply" section of the job posting.

Generally hiring managers want applications submitted one of two ways:

1. E-mail your completed application directly to the hiring manager or

2. Hand deliver your application to the hiring manager.

In both cases follow-up with the hiring manager within a day or two by e-mail, phone or in person to see where they are in the hiring process and to demonstrate your sincere interest in the position.

Keep a copy of your completed application to bring to Career Services in the event that you obtain the position.

Once you are hired into a position your hiring manager will provide you with a Campus Work Study Employment Form for Step 7.


Step 5 – Complete Employment Processing with Career Services

• Once hired, you will need to obtain a signed Campus Work Study Employment Form from your hiring manager to bring to Career Services for employment processing.

• There will be employment contracts and informational paperwork that need to be signed once you arrive in the Career Services Department.

• Please bring all required I-9 documentation as explained below in order for your employment process to be completed. This is a federal requirement for employment within the US. 

• Once your paperwork has been approved and processed by the Career Services Department you can begin planning your work schedule with your hiring manager and discuss your starting date. Your new hiring manager will be notified by Career Services that you have completed the employment process at which time you may begin working.


Required I-9 Documentation

All students wishing to work on campus must bring documentation to complete the Federal I-9 form in order to legally work in the US. As per federal law, no student is permitted to work until this requirement has been met.

Only original identification documents can be accepted (no copies) to meet this requirement (by federal law).

Examples of needed documentation are listed below:

US Citizens

Example #1 – a current US Passport - OR -
Example #2 – both a Student ID and a Social Security Card -OR-
Example #3 – both a valid Driver’s license and a birth certificate -OR-
Example #4 - both a Student ID and a birth certificate -OR-
Example #5 - both a valid Driver's License and a Social Security Card

Generally two picture ID’s, such as a Driver’s License and a Student ID, will not meet the needed requirements, additional documents must accompany the photo IDs.

Please see the I-9 Form for additional examples of allowable documentation.

International students

All International students must bring their current I-20, passport and I-94 card to fulfill the I-9 requirement.
International students will also be required to obtain a DHS Social Security Card.
This can only be applied for once a position has been obtained. Contact Career Services for additional information.


What comes next?...

Once you have submitted your application, follow up with the Hiring Manager as per the instructions on the Golden Hire Network "How to Apply" section under the posted job.

After interviewing if you are offered and choose to accept the position, bring the Campus Work Study Employment form provided by the Hiring Manager to Career Services on the LRC 5th floor along with two forms of ID (approved forms of ID listed on the I-9 form). Also bring a copy of your completed Student Employment Application with you to Career Services. This is required for all student workers for your personnel file. (Schedule not necessary)

As part of the hiring process, an employment packet with payroll paperwork will be provided by Career Services for all new hires. This will need to be completed prior to beginning work on campus.

Once your application is processed by Career Services, notification of eligibility for you to work will be emailed to your Hiring Manager. You will now need to follow up with your manager and agree to a starting time and date as well as a weekly schedule.

If you have signed the Summer Work and Housing Acknowledgment and turned it in to Career Services, you will need to notify your hiring manager of your goal to reach 360 hours by the July 21st deadline and if you intend to hold any additional positions on campus for the summer.

Now you should be ready to begin working and swiping your Student ID card on the Kronos time keeper (ask Hiring Manager about locations).