Student Work Study/Campus Employment

Fall/ Spring Campus Employment - Work Study Program

During the fall and spring semesters students can work on-campus through the Student Work Study Program. This program enables a full-time student to work conveniently on-campus while also focusing on their studies.

In order to participate in this program a full-time student must do the following:

  1. Request and/or Accept a Work Study Award from Financial Aid --This award can be either Federal Work Study or ORU institutional Work Study
  2. Complete the ORU Registration Process -- This can be shown with a “Completed” Registration Worksheet, instructions for accessing this are included below

After you have completed the steps above, please select one of the below for more information on campus employment:


Returning ORU Students who have worked in the Work Study Program or Summer Employment during a previous academic year who are:

ORU Students who have never worked on-campus before (including incoming freshmen or transfers) who are:

Resources and Forms
Student Employment Application *
Federal I- 9 Form
W-4 Tax Form       
W-4 Tax Form Tips
Direct Deposit Set-up Form
Direct Deposit Re-activation Form
Change of Name/ Address Form


* For students using a Mac computer:

The Employment Application will not save the information in such a way that non-Mac computers (such as the computers most of the hiring managers on campus use) can read it unless you have Adobe Reader on your computer and use only Adobe Reader to first open, then save the document (before you fill it out), fill out and finally save again the Employment ApplicationAdobe Reader can be downloaded from Adobe at 

This Adobe website is programmed to check your computer for whichever adobe product you need and automatically let you know which download would be the best fit.  We recommend downloading the latest version of Adobe Reader for best performance.

Helpful Employment Information:

Required I-9 Documentation

All students wishing to work on campus must bring documentation to complete the Federal I-9 form in order to legally work in the US. As per federal law, no student is permitted to work until this requirement has been met.

Only original identification documents can be accepted to meet this requirement (no copies or faxes are accepted per Federal Law).

Examples of needed documentation are listed below:

US Citizens

Example #1 – a current US Passport - OR -
Example #2 – both a Student ID and a Social Security Card -OR-
Example #3 – both a valid Driver’s license and a birth certificate

Generally two picture ID’s, such as a Driver’s License and a Student ID, will not meet the needed requirements, additional documents must accompany a photo ID.

Please see the Federal I-9 Form for additional examples of allowable documentation.

International students

  • All International students must bring their current I-20, passport and I-94 card to fulfill the I-9 requirement.
  • International students will also be required to obtain a DHS Social Security Card if they do not already have one.
  • This can only be applied for once a position has been obtained. Contact Career Servicesfor additional information.

Social Security Office Information

Please contact the Social Security office for more information about:

Accessing Pay Stubs, W2 and other Employee Info

  1. Go online to
  2. Click on "Current Students".
  3. Click on "Vision".
  4. Click on "Enter Secure Area".
  5. Log into your Vision account.
  6. Click on "Employee Self Service".

From this page you can access:

  • Pay Information - Direct Deposit Allocations, Earnings & Deductions & Pay Stubs
  • Tax Forms - W4 & W2 Information/Copies

Payroll Schedule 2013 - 2014

Payroll Schedule Summer 2014

Summer Campus Employment

During the summer, students can work on campus through Student Employment. This is an option for returning students as well as students who have been admitted for the following fall semester. For more information on summer employment, please click here