Resumes & Interviews

Resumes & Cover Letters

A winning resume can be the difference between landing a great job or a mediocre one. Review our Professional Development Guide for best practices in building your resume and cover letter, and make sure to follow these Do's & Don'ts as you're writing!

Jack, Class of 2015: Career services had the tools to help me craft and fine-tune my resume so that I would stand out from my competition when applying for competitive internships.


An interview is one of the most important parts of your job search. It is your greatest chance to personally sell and market yourself. Our Interviewing Tips Guide can help you position yourself to stand out among other job candidates. Nervous about what kind of questions you'll be asked? Prepare by reviewing these common types of interview questions.  

Nicole, Class of 2015: Going through a mock interview was one of the most challenging and rewarding thirty minutes of this semester. The experience revealed how unprepared I am for job interviews, but I was given clear, professional, and specific advice to help me showcase my strengths in interviews. I'm so grateful for that experience!"

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