Find an Internship

Internship Overview

What is an internship?

An internship is a hands-on experience combining classroom education with "real-life experiences." Most internships are temporary, though many lead to full-time positions.

Why should you get an internship?

Many employers prefer their employees have job-related experience before hiring. An internship gives you the opportunity to acquire the necessary experience and also gives you the opportunity to connect in relationships that may be beneficial to your future career.

When should you search for an internship?

Some majors at ORU require their students to engage in an internship before graduation. At Career Services, we encourage all students to find an internship by your sophomore year. Many students make the mistake of not searching for an internship until very late in their academic career. Start now! Employers begin interviewing as early as the fall semester for internship positions, so don't let the internship you want be filled out before you have a chance to apply.

How can you find an internship?

  • Register with or log into the Golden Hire Network and search for internships.
  • Contact the ORU Career Services Department.
  • Contact the Human Resources departments of local businesses.
  • Check with your department.
  • Click on any of the links below: