Music to the Nations


Music to the Nations (M2N) is a worship missions program within the IWC at ORU. M2N is focused on spreading the sound of hope through powerful music, passionate worship, and extreme acts of love. Music to the Nations is using worship as the arena to bring God’s love, salvation, and power to the hurting, using the universal language of music as the vehicle to break down cultural, generational, and religious barriers as well as propelling the Gospel of Christ.

This program is not for the weak of heart! This is a hard-core program developed for those who are committed to the craft of music and passionate about spreading the Gospel to the nations! Mentorship, accountability, and coaching are all a part of the M2N process. This is a great place for growing in who you are as a leader and as an individual.

 • Chapel worship

• Connection, mentorship, and training

• Leadership opportunities

• Domestic and international travel

• Music, missions, and ministry


Team Leaders positions are available by application only. You must be a member of the IWC to be eligible for Music to the Nations.


If you would like more info on partnership, student involvement, or booking, please contact us at the International Worship Center 918.495.7729 or e-mail