Souls A' Fire

Souls A'Fire

Souls A’Fire is the legendary gospel group that has been a thriving part of ORU for the past 40 years! This is a dynamic and expressive group of students committed to the vision of ORU and Souls A’Fire. The repertoire of this group ranges from passionate anthems to the energetic sounds of contemporary gospel. The mission of Souls A’Fire is to reach the inner-city community by empowering students to become well-rounded adults and to extend the focus back on education, spiritual preparation, and powerful music. If you are looking for a place to get involved and an opportunity to develop and grow in the area of leadership, this is a great place for you.

• Chapel worship

• Connection, mentorship, and training

• Leadership opportunities

• Domestic and international travel

       • Music, inner-city outreach and ministry

Souls A’Fire is under the umbrella of the IWC at ORU. The IWC offers administrative oversight and assistance. The requirements for involvement are the same as the IWC with an additional weekly practice.


For more information on Souls A' Fire, please call 918.495.7729 or email