Transfer of Credit

U.S. Schools

Transfer credit is based on the Transfer Guidelines established by ORU (a copy is available on request). Courses that do not have an ORU equivalent but are academic in nature are counted as elective credit unless transferred in to meet a specific requirement through written approval from the degree-granting dean.

Students who have matriculated at ORU and desire to take courses offered at other institutions must receive prior written approval to transfer the courses to ORU for degree credit. Approvals should be in writing from the degree-granting dean. Dean's approvals are also necessary if students desire to be enrolled concurrently at other institutions while enrolled at ORU. A maximum of 64 semester hours of junior college and 98 credit hours from a four year institution may be transferred to ORU. The last 30 semester hours of a degree program, including at least six hours in the major field and the senior thesis, must be taken at ORU.

Credit earned in military service schools or through the U.S. Armed Forces institute is reviewed by the Registrar's Office. Credit may be granted if approved by petition. Basic Military Training meets the ORU general education requirements for Health Fitness I & II.

Transfer of Foreign Credit

ORU will generally follow the guidelines set forth by the National Association of Foreign Student Affairs when transferring foreign academic credit. The amount of credit granted may vary at the discretion of the degree-granting dean. An official final transcript from the foreign school with an original transcript, an English translation and course descriptions must be submitted for evaluation in order to transfer credit.