Living on campus will prove to be an incredible opportunity for personal growth and development. You will meet new people from a variety of different backgrounds and experiences. You will have unique opportunities to be involved in activities that will sharpen your character and build on your passions. You will make friends that will last well beyond your college years... these friends will truly last a lifetime. You will discover that you have a distinct purpose and God-given ability to change the world in which you live.

Housing Eligibility

All students must pay the one-time housing deposit of $150 before they can select a room in the online process. The Housing Deposit will remain on a student's account for their entire time as a student at ORU.  Students in good standing with the university can request a refund of their deposit upon their final departure from ORU.  Deposits can be paid online in Vision or in person at Student Accounts.

Undergraduate students who are under 25 years of age are required to live on campus in the residence halls. Students under 25 years of age who would like to be considered for commuter status must petition through the Office of Student Development - LRC 2nd Floor.

Undergraduate students who are 25 years of age and over; part-time students; married students; and graduate students are eligible to live off-campus without the need to petition. (Students who are married may be asked to provide proof of marital status for the initial year they will live off-campus).

Graduate students and students over the age of 25 may live on campus with an approved petition through the Office of Student Development. Upon acceptance, students meeting these criteria will receive information on how to select a room online. Students will need to meet with a member of Student Development to discuss residential policies, atmosphere and guidelines.

All residential and non-residential students will pledge to abide by the University Honor Code in conjunction with their educational and residential experience.

Room Selection Calendar for 2014-2015

March 20th Online Housing Application available
Mar. 24th- Apr.  5th Students can retain their CURRENT ROOM SPACE for 2014-2015, 8AM
Apr. 6th - Apr. 8th

Students can select a different room on their CURRENT FLOOR for 2014-2015

Apr. 9th- Apr. 12th

Students with DISPLACED status and do not have an option to retain their current room for 2014-2015

Apr.  14th- Aug. 31st All CURRENT students who have not selected a room can select from any remaining available spaces for 2014-2015
Apr.  21st- Aug. 31st Room Selection begins for New, incoming students for 2014-2015.
June 16th- June 20th

Application Reset Period: Students who would like their application to be reset for the purpose of selecting a different room can do so by submitting an Application Reset form found on the online Housing Application and Room Selection site.

Each phase of room selection will begin at 8:00am on the specified day.  You can also get important Housing information and updates on our Facebook page.