Student Development

Areas of Responsibility

The staff assists in the areas of campus ministry, student live and outreach opportunities. The Housing Office and Counseling Services are also a part of Student Development as well as the SA (Student Association) and intramurals.

The Dean of Women/Men provide leadership and addresses the needs of the undergraduate population. The Dean of Women is responsible for female undergraduates, and the Dean of Men is responsible for undergraduate males. The respective departments strive to help students achieve their potential through support, encouragement and daily accountability. The Deans are assisted by Residence Hall Directors. Services available to ORU students through this office include intervention-counseling, conflict medication and policy appeals.

Commuter Students

ORU is a residential campus. All undergraduate students who are younger than 25 years of age are required to live on campus unless they qualify for commuter status. Those who meet the qualifications must file a Petition for Policy Exception with the Office of Student Development.

A commuter is defined as follows:

  • One who is living with his/her parents who reside in Tulsa or surrounding area (within a 50 mile radius)
  • One who is married
  • A single parent with custodial responsibilities
  • A graduate
  • A part-time student enrolled in 11.5 or few hours

Overnight Sign-Out Procedure 

All students (male or female) who plan on taking a trip of spending a night off campus must officially sign out with their Residence Hall Director or Student Development staff.

  • Students may sign our online at Emergency sign-outs will be handled on an individual basis via the Residence Hall Director on duty.
  • Students are eligible to sign out for no more than three nights a week. Signing out for an extended period of time requires approval from the Residence Hall Director during specified office hours. Dual residency is not permitted.
  • Students are expected to sign out properly and truthfully; falsifying a sign-out can result in disciplinary action.
  • Parents of dependent students will be called for approval of sign-outs to hotels or a residence belonging to someone of the opposite gender.