Biology and Chemistry

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Biology is the study of life and, as such, includes all living organisms, living or extinct. In particular, this includes many different plants, animals, and microbes. Our students are stimulated to acquire a working knowledge of biological systems to be able to address biological challenges that affect their daily lives as human beings. One aim in our program is to integrate our Biblical faith with our study of the biological sciences. The faculty strongly espouse that their faith in Christ does not impede their scientific endeavors; rather, it encourages them to elucidate the majesty and glory of God as revealed through the workings of His biological Creation. Thus, we consider a vocation in biology as a God-ordained calling into the study of the wonders of His Creation. Another goal is to train students to use scientific and critical thinking skills to accurately discriminate between use and misuse of scientific facts.

The biology curriculum and faculty encourage students to be involved in extracurricular activities such as the professional organizations of the Oklahoma Academy of Sciences, and the student clubs: Alpha Epsilon Delta (AED) - the premed Honor Society, and Beta Beta Beta (Tri Beta)-the Biological Honor Society. Unique opportunities available to biology students include summer medical missions teams, honors program, dissection of human cadavers, medical seminar class in association with a medical residency program, mobile medical van volunteer, physician shadowing, lab assistants, tutors, research, biotechnology training, and ecological stewardship of Lake Evelyn on campus and a nearby wetlands site.

The wide scope in the biological sciences from the subcellular to the biosphere is reflected in the course offerings. The department offers a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree with majors in biology and science education and areas of concentration in Premedicine, Health Professions (e.g. Physician Assistant, Physical Therapy, and Pharmacy) and Environmental Science. These programs are designed to prepare students who desire to acquire a technical background in the life sciences; to pursue graduate work in biology; to train for work in industry and government; to prepare for professional training in medical school and other health sciences; and to prepare for a teaching major in secondary education.


The mission of chemistry is to educate students in a professional knowledge base of chemical concepts and in analytical laboratory skills--all aided and inspired by the power of the Holy Spirit--to solve problems in medicine,biochemistry, education, the environment, forensics, toxicology, energy, research and development, and other fields.

The vision of chemistry is to provide a curriculum and educational environment that encourages professional petence in chemistry, coupled with Christian faith and practice, to help enable students to hear God's voice and to take His healing power into the world.

ORU chemistry honors the following core values:

  • Informational accuracy and relevance to the major
  • Attention to detail within knowledge of the broader context
  • Development of a personal Christian worldview.
  • Academic success coupled with growth in leadership and communication skills

 Chemistry offers coures of study leading to the bachelor of science degree in chemistry, biomedical chemistry and science education. Students with a biomedical chemistry major must minor in biology. A student majoring in chemistry may minor in any area. Two concentrations are offered in the Biomedical Chemistry Major: Premedicine and Research. The Premedicine Concentration is an excellent choice for health professiojnals. The Research Concentration is geared toward graduate school and the MD - PhD programs. Students may choose to receive a bachelor of arts degree by meeting foreign language requirements in addition to the requirements listed for the bachelor of science degree. Minors in chemistry and biomedical chemistry are available to students majoring in other fields.

A senior paper and research course is required. The research is supervised by a faculty member. Chemistry offers excellent preparation for challenging, exciting, and rewarding careers in many different areas.

The success of ORU chemistry graduates is outstanding. Most are accepted into medical, dental, and professional graduate schools. The acceptance rate of ORU chemistry graduates is well above the national average. ORU graduates are actively recruited by many graduate schools.

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