Psi Chi Rho

Psi Chi Rho is the psychology club on campus.  It is one of the best ways for psychology majors, minors and those in psych classes to be informed of all the current events and issues facing the field of psychology.  There are four meetings each semester with a wide variety of speakers.  Some of our past speakers include our very own faculty and many local professionals speaking on their career paths.  This club is a wonderful way to be involved with the Psychology department, interact with professors and fellow students and receive extra credit in all of your psychology courses.

Psi Chi Rho will be participating in local community events with the goal of helping psychology students develop community relations that will aid in future practice with clients.  A sampling of some of the community outreach programs include: food drives, marathons for health-conscious organizations, and volunteering at local shelters and youth programs.

Psi Chi Rho offers tutoring to students struggling with their psychology classes.  The organization also will provide an end of the year get together for students and faculty within the Behavioral Sciences field to fellowship with one another.  The vision of Psi Chi Rho is to provide psychology students with an expansive view of the field they are undertaking as well as a practicle understanding of how to effectively relate with fellow professionals, the larger community and one another.

President - Sara Bird
Vice President - Meredith McClatchy
Secretary - Courtney Borsellino
Treasurer - Angela Meter
Public Relations - Kelly Lindsay

Psi Chi Rho Meetings
September - TBA 
October - TBA
November - TBA
December - TBA

Time: 6:45 pm
Location: Zoppelt 101 & 102
Cost: $3 / meeting or a one time $10 / semester membership
Membership for the entire year is $15

Social Work Club

The Oral Roberts University Social Work Club has been part of ORU's line up of on-campus clubs for approximately 21 years. The two purposes for the Club's existence that stand out most are (1) to enlighten students concerning the opportunities available in the professional field of social work and (2) to enhance the relationship, communication and cohesiveness of social work students on campus.

The club re-organizes each year with new officers, elected by the membership body, and involves itself in a variety of service learning activities. Some of these activities might include teaching skills that are designed to enhance the lives of citizens from all socio-economic, ethnic and other diversities. Examples of such services might include teaching character trait skills and self-esteem/self-discipline skills to children and facilitating tutorial classes in computer technology, basic reading, money management and other such life skills to adults.

Club members also involve themselves in other kinds of service outreach to communities. This may range from serving meals to indigent populations at various holidays throughout the year to sponsoring two or more needy children at Christmas. Guest speakers from a variety of agencies and organizations are invited in to the meetings to share with the group their experiences, expertise and services they provide to communities. This serves to assist students in integrating knowledge learned in the classroom and in the application of such learning to real life situations.

Club members in good standing may receive credit to apply to one of their social work classes or other classes in the Behavioral Sciences

President - Jessica Hester
Vice Presedent - Savannah Villarreal
Secretary - Kelly Doom 
Treasurer- Chelsea Dean
Public Relations -  Lauren McFarland, Crystal Phillips, & Brandon Hampton

Social Work Club Meeting Dates 

September - TBA
October - TBA
November - TBA
December - TBA

Time: 7:00 pm
Location: GC 2114
Cost: $3 / meeting or a one time $7 / semester membership
Membership for the entire year is $13