Welcome Students

Thank you for considering ORU's Behavioral Sciences Department as the place to earn your undergraduate degree in the mental health professions. With biblical principles at the core of our teaching, integrity and ethics are of primary concern in our classes as we prepare students for future employment. We emphasize the integration of a Christian worldview with the science and practice of psychology, social work and sociology.

The Department of Behavioral Sciences offers programs of major study in the disciplines of psychology, social justice and social work and programs of minor study in the disciplines of psychology, social justice, or sociology. A specific goal of these programs is to equip students to compete academically with any comparably educated student from any American college or university. This goal is reached, however, by teaching psychology, social work and sociology from a distinctly Christian frame of reference.

The department's official position is that to know something is not necessarily to adopt that knowledge as part of one's own value system. A lack of knowledge pre-empts one's rights to challenge, refute or otherwise deny any belief system with which one claims to disagree. Therefore, the department is committed to equip students to be knowledgeable as defined by the three professions while providing a strong Christian framework with which to evaluate theories, techniques and beliefs. This allows the department to graduate students who are academically informed, yet biblically sound.