College of Science and Engineering

Welcome Students

The College of Science and Engineering offers an undergraduate curriculum which encompasses significant areas of knowledge - mathematics, natural sciences, social sciences and behavioral science. The College of Science and Engineering houses the academic departments of

  • Behavioral Sciences.
  • Biology and Chemistry. Biology offers courses in all studies of life, from molecular levels to the biosphere. Students are prepared with a technical background in the life science while also interacting with, understanding, and responding positively to the scientific challenges that affect human beings and their natural world. Chemistry seeks to understand the relationships between the molecular world of God's creation and the everyday physical world. Pre-health professions normally choose to study in these areas.
  • Engineering, Physics, Computer Science and Mathematics. This department is committed to instilling mathematical, scientific and engineering knowledge as well as incorporating communication skills and teamwork experience, then applying it to all areas of industrialized society.
  • Health, Physical Education and Recreation. Curriculum and experiences in this area enable students to work in health/fitness/recreation/sport management fields, teach physical education or qualify for physical therapy or medical school.

The dean of this college is Dr. Kenneth Weed. He can be reached at 918.495.6917.