Music Production

The Recording Workshop is a world leader in preparing new professionals for the music recording industry. Founded in 1971, we pioneered education in this creative field. Yet even as our reputation has grown worldwide, our attention remains focused on the individual student's needs. The relaxed and friendly atmosphere you'll find at our school stems from our sincere desire to help each student succeed.

 The training programs we offer are without equal. Our engineer/instructors are gifted in their ability to communicate their talents. Our 8-studio facility is equipped with the smartest combination of gear to truly prepare you for the "real-world". Our curriculum is an incredible feast of new information and hands-on experience, taught in such an efficient and logical manner that you can complete it all in less than 2 months, with or without any previous experience. Your decision to attend the Recording Workshop can be a vital turning point in achieving your career goals. We provide our students with the best value in audio education available anywhere.

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