The Department of History, Humanities and Government is located on GC-5 and can be reached at 918.495.6063. The interim chair of the department is Dr. Paul Vickery.


Professor U.S. "Sonny" Branham

Assistant Professor of Government

Office: 5D15

Extension: X6071

Email: sbranham@oru.edu

Dr. Ruby Libertus

Assistant Professor of International Relations

Office: 5D14

Extension: X6024

Email: rlibertus@oru.edu

Professor Fleta Buckles

Instructor of Humanities

Office: 5D11

Extension: X6076

Email: fbuckles@oru.edu

Professor Felipe G. Ornelas

Instructor of Humanities

Office: 5D18

Extension: X6074

Email: fornelas@oru.edu

Dr. Winston Frost

Assistant Professor of Government and Prelaw Advisor

Office: 5D17

Extension: X6066

Email: wfrost@oru.edu

Dr. Gary Pranger

Associate Professor of Humanities

Office: 5D09

Extension: X6060

Email: gpranger@oru.edu

Professor Beverly Garrison

Assistant Professor of History

Office: 5D10

Extension: X6070

Email: bgarrison@oru.edu

Professor Warren Rieger

Assistant Professor of Humanities

Office: 5D16

Extension: X6067

Email: wrieger@oru.edu

Dr. Solomon Hailu

Associate Professor of International Community Development

Office: 5D08

Extension: X6069

Email: shailu@oru.edu

Dr. John Swails III

Professor of History

Office: Center for Middle East Studies

Extension: X6072

Email: jswails@oru.edu

Dr. Paul Vickery

Professor of History and Interim  Department Chair

Office: 5D19

Extension: X6078

Email: pvickery@oru.edu

Professor Gary L. Kern

Instructor of Humanities

Office: 5D06

Extension: X6080

Email: gkern@oru.edu