"Overcome and Make It Happen!"

History, Humanities and Government Faculty


Each year students from our department have the opportunity to organize, attend, and compete in a variety of activities. Upcoming events include:

  • Oct 7th-International Lawyer Mrs. Patricia Apy will be speaking on how to prepare for International involvement and mention internship options.
  • Oct 24th- International Relations and other clubs will be hosting the I AM SYRIA campaign in the Armand Hammer Center at 6pm with World Compassion. Recent footage from Syrian refugees pouring into the North of Iraq and the flight of people in these massive camps will be shown with some ways to help.
  • Nov 4th-International Relations and Development Org will be hosting the honorable Ambassador Gelbard on his International work and involvement.
  • Nov 7th-Poverty Cure-Good Intentions Don't End Poverty- hosted by the Christian WorldView Committee. Four parts of the Poverty Cure DVD will be shown following a panel discussion on actual solutions taking places around the world including ways Christians, Churches and people can get involved with actual solutions to alleviating poverty.
  • Nov 13th-17th - Oklahoma Intercollegiate Legislature Session at the State Capitol

Mission Statement

History, humanities, and government are vital for enabling students to understand who they are in our modern context. For our students to understand who they are, they have to begin to understand and value our past. Our work is to give them a foundation in humanities, history, government, international relations, and community development work so as to contribute and make an impact on their world. Leaders, change agents, and difference makers--both national and international--are developed through academics and mentoring; we teach students, not just subjects. To accomplish this end, we have to cultivate our own horizons into a collegial teaching ministry, led by the Spirit, founded on Judeo-Christian traditions, and presented in a Charismatic/Christian worldview.


Fulfilling the Mission

Our department is constantly improving for the sake of students and this progress shows in positions of our recent graduates. We offer many programs, activities and information which have helped our students to reach these great accomplishments.

• All History, Humanities & Government (HHG) graduates are marketplace ready to enter their chosen fields with professional competency in marketing themselves as the top candidate for the job. Building solid networking skills through memberships in professionally relevant associations/clubs is one way these students are preparing for their future. Participation in informational interviews with industry professionals, mock interviews and the creation of LinkedIn profiles are key proficiencies covered during the undergraduate experience for our majors. All HHG majors are equipped with the skill sets needed to either enter into graduate studies or begin making a marked difference in society in both the public and private sectors whether in the United States or abroad.

• ORU History, Humanities & Government (HHG) graduates have shown post graduation employment or grad school acceptance rates of 89% within 6 months of graduation. Graduates are employed in many areas including: Education, Communications, Non-Profit, Government, and Military Service as consultants, commissioned military officers, conference directors, managers, and school coordinators. They also enjoy a high acceptance rate into graduate programs in business, education, and international development as well as law school.