College of Arts & Cultural Studies

Welcome Students

The College of Arts and Cultural Studies offers an undergraduate curriculum which encompasses significant areas of liberal arts knowledge—fine arts, humanities, languages and literature. The College of Arts and Cultural Studies houses the academic departments of

  • Communication, Arts and Media - Communication is a central part of every aspect of life. This area offers students the opportunity to learn and develop skills in all areas of communication, the visual as well as the performing arts.
  • History, Humanities and Government - Students in this area are taught the story of humanity as well as the dynamics that have shaped and continue to shape that story. The study of government focuses on institutional structure by which nation and world affairs are conducted. Pre-law majors examine the history, impact and inner workers of the governments and laws which order society.
  • English and Modern Languages - The English program emphasizes literature that embodies the good, true and beautiful of Western civilization as well as exploring non-Western literature and minority voices foundational to American Culture. Students in the foreign language program develop proficiency in basic skills in the language of their choice and broaden their knowledge of the literature written in that language and the culture of those who speak it. There is also an opportunity study abroad.
  • Music - Whether you teach, perform, compose or conduct, your talents can be developed at ORU through opportunities to perform with both vocal and instrumental ensembles.

The dean of this college is Dr. Mark Hall. Feel free to contact Dr. Hall at 918.495.7742.