Hebrew Resources

New! The LLCC now has a set of audio CD's for both of the Hebrew textbooks: Ivrit Min HaHatchala, levels Aleph and Bet. Students may check out these audio CD's for use in the Language Lab.

Typing in Hebrew in MS Word:

Click below for detailed instructions

Need to type with vowel points?  See the notes here.

Websites to see for Hebrew

Audio / Visual Resources

Click here to try out a new online resource, called SCOLA, anywhere on-campus!

Through SCOLA's World TV Online service, you can watch news broadcasts and other television programs from cities and countries around the globe. Once on the blue home page, click on  "World TV Online." Search for videos that interest you!

In order to use World TV Online for required Cultural Center hours, limit your video selection to those in Hebrew or from a Hebrew-speaking country, such as Israel. This activity falls under the category of "Cultural, Language DVDs" (101-203) or "[204 only] Cultural DVDs" on the VISION hours tracker.

Hebrew Books in Cultural Center

See the new Language Lab & Cultural Center guide for students taking Hebrew HERE!

Click here for Rosetta Stone CD-ROM program for Hebrew and other languages.

Want to do something in a group? Go here!