Cultural Center Hours Requirement

For Language Students in 101, 102, 203 and 204 Level Courses

As part of the course requirements, students studying at the 101, 102, 203 and 204 levels are required to spend time in the Cultural Center using various resources to study the target language and culture.  Whether visiting websites in Spanish, or learning about French culture from a DVD, or watching a movie in German or Hebrew, students in the Cultural Center are developing the lifelong habit of using foreign language skills in daily life.

Sign In Instructions

You must log into VISION (using your Z number and PIN) in order to track your Cultural Center hours!

  • Log into the secure area in Vision (click here to go to Vision).
  • Select the tab Student Services and Financial Aid.
  • Select Language Lab Audio & Cultural Center Hours Tracker.
  • Select Start Session.
  • Select activity from scroll-down window and click Start.
  • You must log off of Vision to begin your Cultural Center activity. If you do leave the Vision window open, Vision will time-out your session at around the 20-30 minute mark.
  • After finishing your activity, re-enter Vision.
  • Follow steps 1 - 3.
  • Select End Session and enter the activity in the box provided (please be specific about what you have been doing).
  • Click the End button.
  • To review your previous sessions, select Show Summary from the LLCC Hours Tracker menu.

If you do not re-enter Vision and select End Session when you complete your activity, your time will be lost! Please remember to end your session. Manual entry slips are available from the LLCC office if you have any problems with tracking your time.

Breakdown of required hours


  101, 102, 203 courses
1 hour Websites, CD-ROM programs, games
1 hour Magazines, books, audio cassettes, CDs, records
1 hour Cultural, language DVDs
2 hours Movies
5 hours TOTAL
  204 courses
1 hour Websites, CD-ROM programs, periodicals, books, audio
cassettes, audio CDs, records
2 hours Cultural DVDs
3 hours  TOTAL

Extra credit is up to the professor.


Professor Comments on Cultural Center Hours Requirement

Brenda Calderon - Spanish 101, Spanish 102, Spanish 203, Spanish 204

Carlos Chale - Bonus hours are not accepted

David Farnsworth - All media should be in relation to the culture or history of Spain only, not Latin America. Using the Cumbres (or any othe media for that matter) for research for the class presentations can count toward Cultural Center hours if a record of time spent is kept.

Dr. Dean Helland - No movies in English with Spanish subtitles. Please listen to Spanish!

Christa Hill - Recommendations for Ger 101, 102, 203 or 204

Lenore Mullican - Special instructions

Cultural Center Hours Due Dates for Spring 2013

You must be completing your required Cultural Center Hours according to the following deadlines throughout the semester.  All bonus hours will be due April 22nd.


SPA 204 Feb 13th (1 hour) March 6th (1 hour) April 10th (1 hour)
SPA 203 Feb 14th (2 hours) March 7th (2 hours) April 11th (1 hour)
SPA 102 Feb 15th (2 hours) March 8th (2 hours) April 12th (1 hour)
SPA 101 Feb 16th (2 hours) March 9th (2 hours) April 13th (1 hour)

French and German

FRE 204 Feb 18th (1 hour) March 11th (1 hour) April 15th (1 hour)
FRE 203 Feb 19th (2 hours) March 12th (2 hours) April 16th (1 hour)
FRE/GER 102 Feb 20th (2 hours) March 13th (2 hours) April 17th (1 hour)
FRE 101 Feb 21st (2 hours) March 14th (2 hours) April 18th (1 hour)



HEB 204 Feb 11th (1 hour) March 4th (1 hour) April 8th (1 hour)
HEB 102 Feb 12th (2 hours) March 5th (2 hours) April 9th (1 hour)