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One-2-One Tutoring Program

The Academic Peer Advisor (APA) Program is committed to its purpose of fostering a sense of excellence in all areas of a student's life, especially academics. As part of the APA Program's goals to help students achieve academic success, the APA  Program offers the One-2-One Tutoring Program.

The One-2-One Tutoring Program is designed to cater to the individual academic and tutoring needs of each student at ORU. To help facilitate this endeavor, we have put together a directory of coaches; each available at least two hours each week. One-2-One is a great tool for the ORU faculty as it gives them a list of multiple names to refer a student to concerning a specific course. By doing this, the student is receiving individualized attention, thus helping the student achieve academic success.

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Once you complete the form, you will be contacted within 24 hours by an APA who specializes in your subject.  If you have any issues, please contact the director at 918.495.6913. 

If you have met with a tutor, please select the following link to provide feedback regarding your session. All responses are anonymous. We appreciate your time in sharing your experience.

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In the event of more specialized major courses are needed, please e-mail thbellatti@oru.edu to be connected with the correct APA. The Academic Peer Advisor coach will be available at least two hours every week for the entire semester. The program recommends that the student e-mail the APA to confirm the meeting time and location to avoid any confusion.


The LINK is a tutoring program sponsored by the Academic Peer Advisor Program. Students meet in Fireside or Zoppelt every Thursday evening from 8 - 10 p.m. for group tutoring in various subjects. Tutors provided are all members of the APA program and are nationally certified. The LINK fosters group study. This allows students to lean on and learn from each other. It is a great way to explore any subject.

Each week new subjects will be announced in an attempt to cover as many subjects as possible. Exam schedules help dictate when subjects are chosen.

If you have any subjects that you would be interested in seeing at "The LINK", you may send a request to apap@oru.edu.

Study Stops

What are Study Stops?  A Study Stop is a place to relax, unwind, or get homework done. Our APA's hold a weekly study stop on each floor on a specific day, and you could come in there and have either a study break, a study group or a combination of both. Take advantage of this great opportunity to study but to also enjoy college life and to get to know others on your floor.


At SMARTHINKING, one of ORU's latest academic resource, you’ll find multiple tutoring options at your disposal 24 hours a day. Connect with an instructor, have your papers proofread, schedule tutoring sessions at your convenience or even access academic resources and handbooks. Best of all is that it is completely free! You can access SMARTHINKING by visiting your D2L homepage. The SMARTHINKING link is on the top right hand side. Click here to access D2L.