Meet Our Staff

 Renettes profileRenette Kendall - Administrative Secretary for ORU’s Counseling Services and Disability Services.

Renette has a long-running love relationship with ORU and its students spanning half her life. She is an ORU parent and has served, with her husband, as Refuge’s Wingbacker. Mrs. Kendall wants students to know, “I am on your team and will always work hard to get you to the help or direction you need.” Mrs. Kendall has a servants heart and is willing to assist you and connect you with the resources you need.




 profile picture of Michelle taylorMichelle Taylor- Director of ORU Student Counseling Services and Director of Disability Services

 As a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) with the state of Oklahoma and a state approved LPC Supervisor, Michelle has 20 years of professional counseling experience.  Her goal in counseling is to create a space where people can speak their pain without fear of being shamed or rejected.  She recognizes the healing power of connection, and considers this to be an expression of the Body of Christ.

Michelle graduated with her Bachelor’s degree in biology and served as a Residence Hall Director while completing her Master’s degree in counseling from ORU.   Her areas of interest include managing depression and anxiety, trauma recovery, the impact of shame, and building resilience.  She is an EMDR trained therapist, a certified QPR Gatekeeper Trainer (suicide prevention) and a Certified Compassion.


 profile picture of RachelRachel Sligar - Mental Health Therapist ORU Counseling Services

Rachel is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with the state of Oklahoma. She has been serving as a mental health therapist since 2011. Throughout her life, Rachel has treasured people and believed that every person has value and a story to share. Rachel considers it a privilege and a joy to get to walk alongside others during difficult times to help facilitate hope, wisdom, and healing.

Rachel graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Human Development and Family Sciences from Oklahoma State University and acquired a Master’s degree in Social Work from the University of Oklahoma Tulsa campus. Rachel has worked most frequently with adults struggling with anxiety, depression, relationship or marital struggles, sexual struggles, and unresolved trauma. Rachel has especially found a passion for working with people who are struggling with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) resulting from unresolved trauma. Rachel has specialized training in Cognitive Processing Therapy (trauma treatment) and PREPARE/ENRICH (premarital / marriage assessment and strengthening).


profile picture of Luis JimenezLuis Jimenez - Mental Health Therapist ORU Counseling Services

Luis is a Licensed Professional Counselor with the state of Oklahoma. Luis graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Theology and a Master’s degree in counseling from Oral Roberts University. Luis has experience working in ministry and in counseling. He has worked with a variety of individuals from children to adults in a variety of settings and cultures. Luis believes that everybody deserves a chance to live their life to the fullest. He also knows that life can be tough at times, but that a healthy environment and support from others can make a big difference. Luis is trained in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing). Because of this, Luis has been able to help many people who have struggled with different types of trauma.  His number one goal is to create a safe and caring environment for people to be able to share their story without fear of judgement, and thus grow and overcome those things that are causing them pain.


Helen Erb profile pcitureHelen Erb - Intern for ORU Counseling Services

was born and raised in Oklahoma. She has had the opportunity to attend Oral Roberts University and being a member on the woman’s soccer team. Helen is currently working on her graduate degree in Christian Counseling at ORU. As an intern, she is thrilled that you have found your way to the Oral Roberts University Counseling Center. Helen is very supportive and honors every person who walks in her office who has the willingness and bravery to seek out support during difficult times. Helen describes her time at ORU as restoring. Helen understands the beauty and pain that reminds her that in the midst of ruin, decay and despair there is hope.



To every person who is reading this, you are not alone, and you have incredible value. If you are feeling stuck or discouraged and need a teammate to help you work through a challenge in your life, please don’t hesitate to take that next step in seeking help. We would be honored to walk alongside you