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Undergraduate Department - College of Theology and Ministry 

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If you would like more information on specific programs or majors, please contact the following faculty members:

Biblical Literature      
English Bible Dr. B. Lyons 918.495.6106
Old Testament Dr. B. Lyons 918.495.6106
New Testament Dr. J. Shelton 918.495.6108
Christian Caregiving & Counseling Dr. S. Thorpe 918.495.7389
Global Ministry & the Marketplace  Dr. E. Nolivos 918.495.6093
Ministry & Leadership      
Church Administration

Dr. E. Nolivos 

Evangelism & Outreach Kerry Loescher 918.495.6102
Local Church Pastor Dr. J. Lamp 918.495.7670
Missions  Dr. E. Nolivos 918.495.6093
Youth & Family Ministry Kerry Loescher 918.495.6102
Theological & Historical Studies      
Christian Apologetics Dr. S. Thorpe 918.495.7389
Theology & Church History Dr. E. Newberg 918.495.6087
Christian Philosophy Dr. S. Thorpe 918.495.7389