ORU Missions teams raise funds for trips

The Oracle

It's the start of a new semester, and for the 32 ORU mission teams preparing for trips over both Spring Break and the summer, it will be marked by much dedication and diligent work as their trips draw closer.

For students new to ORU this semester, it is important you understand that missions is a large part of the ORU community.

It is part of the ORU mission "to go..."

"The focus for all mission teams this semester is first and foremost fundraising," said Jordan Carter, regional missions coordinator. "If teams or team members don't make their 50 percent deadline, they will be dropped. You can do all the praying and preparation to go someplace, but unless you have the funds you aren't going anywhere."

The 50 percent deadline for all Spring Break trips is Jan. 30, and the deadline for the summer trips is Feb. 13.

The final 100 percent deadline for the summer mission trips is April 9.

"The 50 percent deadline is the biggest hurdle for a majority of teams," said Carter. "The second focus for this semester is prayer and intercession for the nations, the contacts and the tasks that the teams are going to take on whether they are halfway around the world or right here in the U.S.," said Carter.

Other things that the teams will be doing over the course of the semester in preparation for their respective trips include:

  • Big Team meetings every other Tuesday night, where team members will receive general information and training concerning missions, travel and evangelism.
  • Individual team meetings where the teams meet, pray and prepare for their trip specifically.
  • Leadership training for team leaders every Tuesday night. Team leaders will meet with Bobby Parks, regional coordinators, and other members of the mission department staff.
  • Fundraising, fundraising, fundraising...

Participating in ORU missions is a huge time and financial commitment, but one that many students consider worth the investment.

"I am most excited about growing closer to the men on my team as we prepare for the trip by praying, reading and training together," said Jon Patterson, ManTeam team leader.

"What the student body can do is watch for opportunities to help send the teams," said Carter. "There will be events and things that the teams will do to raise funds that the student body can participate in to help.

For more information on ORU Outreach, go to http://www.oru.edu/current_students/my_ministry_and_worship/outreach_ministries/