Global Learning Center

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The Global Learning Center (GLC) is a product of the globalization vision President Wilson, current president of Oral Roberts University has for the University. “We are thrilled to further the globalization of ORU with this new Global Learning Center,” said ORU President William M. Wilson during the wall breaking ceremony of the project held in March 2015. “This new facility will put ORU on the leading edge as our 50th anniversary approaches and will equip the university as we work to expand the availability of ORU’s unique, whole person education to students around the world.”

The GLC is a building but it is not meant to be isolated to just the building. Several facilities will be made available to students around the world as part of this GLC project in order to enhance the globalization of ORU. Whole person education being available around the world becomes a reality


The building has three floors in total. Each floor with its own features and functionalities. The first floor has three classroom and an auditorium, as well as office space. The second floor has three classrooms, a conference room and office space. The third floor has a full immersion AVR room , the GEB studio, coference room and office space.

Functions of Classrooms

  • Global Learning and Teleportation Classroom – Access in and out of the GLC to/ from any and all continents in the world. Quality of video conference will move people around the world at the speed of light (teleportation).
  • Studio Classroom - Studio for recording any style of distance education, instruction, or classroom media.
  • Virtual Reality Classroom – Full immersive virtual reality (VR) learning room (I.e. Flight simulation, marine biology, engineering, etc.).
  • High Performance Computing Research Classroom - Global access for research that requires supercomputer and high performance access.
  • Global innovation Collaboration Classroom – The think tank for furthering the advancement of instruction.
  • Distance Education Lab classroom Dedicated for classes online that require a lab or experiential aspect
  • Instructional class for disabilities A class with portal  augmented reality equipment that can be configured to help people with certain learning challenges.
  • Faculty Excellence and Learning Classroom Room capable to teach all online faculty and traditional faculty on new technologies and new delivery methods.

Goals of Classrooms

  • World class design and functionality
  • Be interchangeable for flexibility
  • Be multi-purpose and multi-function
  • Be viewed as ‘OneCampus’ ORU
Augmented and Virtual Reality

ORU is excited to be implementing augmented and vitual reality into it's learning system. Eon Reality is the leader in Augmented and Virtual reality. We are excited to be one of the few schools in the world to partner with them on such a large level. 65% of global learners are visual learners. Virtual Reality is the next step in education for the visual learner. The Global Learning center will be outfitted with Virtual Reality and more.


  • GLC wall breaking ceremony

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  • Zoom

    The Global learning center will be zooming into every persons world using the Zoom video conferencing.

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  • AVR App Download

    You can now Download the AVR App on your mobile device and experience Augmented and Virtual Reality at its finest, click here