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Computer Labs

In various departments across the campus, there are computer labs only open to certain degree programs.  Please contact those specific departments for more information on availability and times. 

Currently, the Academic Labs on Graduate Center 2nd floor and the Internet Cafe in the Armand-Hammer Alumni-Student Center are the only labs open to all students.

Graduate Center (GC)

1st Floor

  • Physics and Engineering Lab
  • Media Production Studio

2nd Floor

  • Academic Labs 1-4*
  • Art Design Lab
  • Behavioral Science Lab

*The Academic Lab is divided into four different rooms; each room is labeled on both the door and the back wall. As you first come into the main entrance you will be in Lab 1. This room is for "walk in" only; no teaching is done in this room. The other rooms (Lab 2, 3 and 4) are used for different classes scheduled during the semester. During scheduled teaching times these labs will not be accessible to students who are not in the class.

3rd Floor

  • Business Department Lab
  • Nursing Lab

5th Floor

  • Education Tech Lab

Armand Hammer Alumni-Student Center

  • The Internet Cafe

Learning Resource Center (LRC)

1st Floor

  • Print and Broadcast Journalism (PBJ) Lab
  • Multimedia Institute (MMI) Lab

2nd Floor

  • Modern Language Lab

4th Floor

  • Library Instruction Lab (LIL)

Timko Barton

  • Music Technology Lab


  • College of Education Modular Lab