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Argos is the system used by the University for generating data reports. When requesting Argos data reports, there are data owners for each department.  Please consult the following list for whom to get approval from when submitting an Argos data request form.

  1. Admissions – Dr. Nancy Brainard
  2. Alumni/Advancement – Bob Beard
  3. Finance – Mark Pepin
  4. Financial Aid – Will Womack
  5. Human Resources – Gina Klaver
  6. Registrar – David Fulmer
      NOTE: David’s area is especially broad, relating to all academic information recorded after a student has been admitted to the university.
  7. Student Accounts – Karen Johnson

Please click here to download an Application.



Banner is the University's product for maintaining student or staff records.  You must have an account setup thru I.T. to access Banner.  The level of access you receive depends upon the need of your position to access those records. 

Please click here to download an Application.


iPad Carts

iPad carts are available for classroom use upon request. All requests must be submitted at least ten (10) business days in advance.

Please click here to fill out the iPad request.


GroupWise Messenger

GroupWise is the product used at ORU for staff and faculty instant messenger. Please contact the Help Desk at 6315 or for help with installing and setting up Groupwise access.


Network & Printer Access

Please contact the Help Desk at 6315 or for help with network drive and printer access.