Cost of Education

2016/2017 Academic Year

Tuition1 $12,375 $24,750
Room2 $1,825 $3,650
Board3 $2,495 $4,990
General Fee4 $335 $670
Technology Fee0 $128 $256
TOTAL DIRECT COSTS0 $17,158 $34,316

In addition to the direct cost displayed above, financial aid may also be used to help with certain indirect costs related to your educational pursuits.  The financial aid budget provides allowances for books, travel and certain miscellaneous expenses.  These expenses are indirect in that specific charges or expenses are not paid directly.  When added to direct costs, the total budget provides the basis for financial aid awarding.


 Books and Supplies



 Travel Allowance



 Miscellaneous Expenses






1Tuition is based on a full-time course load (12-18.5 hours). Per credit hour costs of $1,034 apply if enrolled in over 18.5 or under 12.0 credit hours. Tuition and fees subject to change every academic year.

2The room component of the financial aid budget is an average figure.  Actual room charges will be determined by room selection.  The chart displayed below provides additional information which may help you to budget for your housing costs.

Housing Cost Structure

3The board component of the financial aid budget is based on a typical meal plan.  Your actual meal plan charges will be determined by your selection.  The chart below provides the options available to you and once selected will be charged to your student account.

Meal Plan Options

Meal Plan Options grid

4The general fee covers matriculation and general student activities, such as health services, campus security, campus publications, intramurals, library services, athletic events and others.