Application Process

1. Complete the Application

You may submit the application the following ways:
Apply online and get your application fee waived
Download the application
Request an application be sent to you

2. Submit the $35 Application fee

When completing the online application your fee is waived.

When downloading the application or completing the paper application:
You may pay with a debit or credit card over the phone by calling 800.678.8876 x1, or pay online.
You may mail your check or money order to our Undergraduate Admissions Office:
7777 S. Lewis Ave Tulsa, OK 74171

3. Request your transcripts

In order for a transcript to be marked official, it must be sent directly from your school to ORU. If it is in your hands at any time, it is not considered official.

Freshman Students
Any person who has earned fewer than 15 college credits since graduating from high school is considered a freshman and must submit the following:

Please request your official transcript(s) or GED score be sent directly to the ORU Admissions Office from each school you have attended during high school. Please submit all dual enrollment transcripts, college transcripts, AP test scores and CLEP examination scores as well.

International Students or US Citizens living abroad

Any person who has attended school outside of the 50 United States must submit transcripts through the following service:
World Education Services (WES): Click on the following link to access information specific to your country.

4. Request your test score(s)

ORU accepts the ACT or the SAT for admission.
Go to to request your ACT score or to request your SAT score.

All international students must prove they have sufficient knowledge of the English language before they can be admitted. Any international student whose primary language is not English must submit one of the following:

ACT score
SAT score
TOEFL score

Students who have completed 15 credits or more at an accredited college or university after high school graduation do not have to submit an ACT or SAT score.

5. Immunization Records

Please submit a copy of your immunizations.

Click here to download the list of immunizations required by ORU along with the Medical Assessment Form that must be completed prior to enrollment.

Click here to submit any questions regarding our immunization policy.

6. Enrollment Fee

Submit your $200 enrollment fee in order to confirm your enrollment.

Students can submit the fee the following ways:
Mail: Checks or money orders may be mailed to Undergraduate Admissions: 7777 S. Lewis Ave. Tulsa, OK 74171
Phone: Call 800.678.8876 x1 to pay the enrollment fee over the phone
Online: Go to to submit your online payment. Click on the "eDeposits" tab.

The fee is fully refundable if requested in writing by May 1st prior to enrollment in the fall semester or December 1st prior to enrollment in the spring semester.

7. Student Insurance

All students must carry health insurance while attending ORU. You can choose a private carrier or purchase insurance at