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Welcome to ORU! 

Registration is a process ORU students complete online prior to the start of each semester.  This involves using the "Registration Steps" link on VISION, ORU's Enrollment and Registration System.  Details about each step are listed below. Please plan to complete them before your arrival on campus.

1. Find out your Z number. Your acceptance letter contained an eight digit number preceded by a Z. This is your ORU Z number and uniquely identifies you. Keep your Z number close by as you will be asked for it throughout the registration process—you may find it helpful to store it in your phone.

2. Use your Z number to sign on to VISION, ORU’s Enrollment and Registration System at—select “Enter Secure Area” and type your Z number (ex. "Z12345678") and your password, which is your six digit birthday until you change it (ex. “120191"). VISION is the site on which you will access all of your account information as well as your grades, Whole Person Assessment Scores etc. You may want to browse around but then go to “Registration Steps” and enter your term of entry (e.g. "Fall 2015").

3. Establish your ORU e-mail address and password as part of the “Registration Steps” in VISION. Since ORU offices are required to use the ORU e-mail address to communicate with students, it is imperative that you set up your account and check your e-mail often. The address for checking your e-mail, once your account has been established, is

4. Pay your $200 enrollment fee. You can pay your deposits at (go to the eDeposits tab) or call us at 918.495.6518.

5. Send us your final transcripts. When you were admitted, you submitted transcripts for classes that were in progress. Now that you’ve completed that coursework, have a final, official transcript sent directly from your high school or college to ORU Admissions. It must be mailed from the school to ORU as a sealed document to be considered official.

6. File the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at if you intend to apply for need-based grants and loans. Have the results sent to ORU. Our code is #003985.

7. Visit a physician to complete the Medical Assessment form and send it to the ORU Student Health Services office. This form verifies your eligibility to participate in physical activities on campus.

8. Select a residence hall and room. The Housing system can be found through VISION or accessed directly at (click on “Application,” on the left).

9. Choose a meal plan. When you are selecting housing, you will also be prompted to select a meal plan, because a meal plan is required for all students living on campus. The three "Flexible All Access" plans provide unlimited access to the student cafeteria. The two basic plans are designed for students who require fewer on-campus meals. The cafeteria operating hours are 7 a.m. - 7 p.m., Monday - Friday (open continuously) and 10:30 a.m.- 2pm (Early Brunch and Brunch), and 4:30pm - 6:30 p.m. (Dinner) on the weekends. The meal plan options are listed below:

Flex Gold (All Access* + $600 Sodexo Bucks/semester) $2,795/semester
Flex Plus (All Access + $450 Sodexo Bucks/semester) $2,645/semester
Flex One (All Access + $300 Sodexo Bucks/semester) $2,495/semester
(For only $200 more than the Basic Plus, you get $200 additional Sodexo Bucks, plus unlimited dining with the Flex One Plan)



Basic One 10 meals/week in cafeteria  $1,995/semester
Basic Plus 14 meals/week + $100 Sodexo Bucks/semester $2,295/semester
(For only $300 more than the Basic One, you get $100 in Sodexo Bucks, plus an approx 64 more meals per semester)

*All Access- unlimited access to the ORU Dining Hall continuous dining program in Hamill Student Center.

10. Send us your immunization records. Please have them mailed to Student Health Services. Official immunization records are part of your admissions file.

Immunizations Required of Full Time Students:

  1. Five doses DtaP/DTP/DT/Td (dip/tet series).  If the TD (tetanus) has not been taken within the last 10 years, a booster is required.
  2. Four doses IPV/OPV (polio series).  This is not required after the age of 18 except for the purpose of foreign travel.
  3. Two doses MMR series.
  4. TB skin test (must be administered within one year prior to the beginning of your ORU enrollment).
  5. One dose Meningococcal vaccination
  6. Three doses Hepatitis B series

Immunizations required (Part-time Students):

  1. TB skin test
  2. MMR series
  3. One dose Meningococcal vaccination
  4. Three doses Hepatitis B series

Immunizations recommended but not required:

  1. Varicella (if student has not had chicken pox)
  2. Hepatitis A series

11. Review your class schedule. Your first ORU class schedule will be created for you by the staff in the office of Student Resources. After your initial semester, you may create your own schedule. The schedule will be e-mailed to you at your ORU e-mail address and is also viewable on VISION. Should you like to request changes, you may do so up to four weeks before school begins by e-mailing Student Resources at or calling 918.495.7018. Further alterations can be made until the end of the drop/add period, approximately two weeks after the start of fall or spring classes.

12. Complete your financial aid file. This includes selecting or declining individual offers of aid listed on your financial aid award letter, as well as applying for loans as needed. Start with “Accept Your Financial Aid Awards,” which can be found on VISION directly underneath “Registration Steps.” Once you have decided which offers to accept, more requirements will be generated and will appear on VISION for you to complete. For example, if you will be borrowing loans, you will need to complete promissory notes and loan applications as needed. Do not wait until you arrive on campus to begin these steps, because as volume increases, response times from lending agencies necessarily increase.

If you have been selected for the federal process of verification, you will see notices on VISION and in your ORU e-mail of what documentation ORU Financial Aid needs in order to verify the information submitted on your FAFSA. About 1/3 of students will be selected for this process. You may send these documents to Financial Aid by scanning them and attaching them to an email to or by faxing them to 918.495.6803.

13. Inform ORU of your health insurance coverage by entering the plan number as part of the “Registration Steps” on VISION, or enroll in the plan available to ORU students (

14. Pay off your student account. Payment of student charges is due at the end of the first day of the semester. New students are NOT charged late fees, but after their first semester, students are charged a $175 if they complete any registration steps, including payment arrangements, after the first day of the semester. Students may pay the balance of tuition, fees, room and board by verifiable financial aid, monthly installments on the TMS payment plan ( cash, check, credit card, money order, Western Union Quick Collect or on VISION by credit card or electronic check (ACH).  Payments can also be made by those students allow access directly at ORU's Payment and Billing site,, Option #2.

15. Sign the Student Authorization, Release, and Financial Contract on Vision. This document includes a liability waiver to participate in ORU activities, E-portfolio assessment and Careerbeam services release of information, and the financial contract between the student and the university. The full contract may be viewed here

16. To confirm you have completed all registration steps for the semester, go to “Registration Steps” on VISION and click the red button which reads, “Now Click Here to Complete Registration.” System checks will be performed to verify you have done so, and you will receive a confirmation that you are registered on the screen or further guidance as to how to finish the process.

We are so glad that you will be a part of the ORU community!  Please let us know how we can help you. If you should need help along the way with any of these registration steps, please contact your enrollment counselor at 918.495.6518 or at