2015 Fall Online Course Schedules

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Fall Session A: August 31 - October 11, 2015

Biblical Literature  
18558 LBIB 362-W01 Jesus and the Gospels
18559 LBIB 364-W01 The Pauline Epistles
18591 LBIB 421-W01 Pentateuch
18592 LBIB 437 W01 Psalms and Wisdom Literature
18545 LBUS 325-W01 Business Law I
Christian Caregiving  
18548 LCCC 301-W01 Intro to Christian Caregiving
18594 LCCC 301-W11 Intro to Christian Caregiving
18550 LCCC 426-W01 Assessment and Evaluation
18549 LCCC 499-W02 Senior Practicum/Project
Church Ministry  
18560 LCHM 306-W01 Pastoral Ministry Skills
18581 LCHM 306-W11 Pastoral Ministry Skills
18606 LCHM 306-W21

Pastoral Ministry Skills

18561 LCHM 335-W01

Intro to Evangelism

18603 LCHM 335-W11

Intro to Evangelism

18562 LCHM 499-W01

Senior Practicum/Project

Communication Arts  
18596 LCAM 451-W01 Communication Internship
18551 LCOM 300-W01  Organizational Communication
18552 LCOM 446-W01 Business and Professional Speech
18553 LCMP 102-W01 Reading/Writing in the Liberal Arts
18537 LCMP 102-W11 Reading/Writing in the Liberal Arts
18593 LCMP 102-W21 Reading/Writing in the Liberal Arts
General Studies  
18554 LGEN 099-W01 Whole Person Assessment
18610 LGEN 099-W11 Whole Person Assessment
18615 LGEN 099-W21 Whole Person Assessment
18572 LGEN 101-W01 Prior Learning Assessment
18589 LGEN 114-W01 Online Learning Strategies
18604 LGEN 114-W11 Online Learning Strategies
18532 LGOV 201-W01 Intro to Political Science
18611 LGOV 201-W11 Intro to Political Science
18533 LGOV 321-W01 Legislative Process
18607 LGOV 341-W01 Public Administration
Health Fitness
18555 LHPE 001-W01 Health Fitness I
18601 LHPE 001-W11 Health Fitness I
18556 LHPE 101-W01 Fitness for Life I
18531 LHUM 233-W01 Renaissance/Enlightenment Humanities
18616 LHUM 233-W01 Renaissance/Enlightenment Humanities
Leadership Studies  
18557 LLDR 399-W01 Leadership Studies Practicum
18546 LMGT 130-W01  Principles of Management
18595 LMGT 130-W11 Principles of Management
18609 LMGT 130-W21 Principles of Management
18590 LGMT 431-W01 Strategic Management
18547 LGMT 461-W01 Conflict Resolution
18612 LMAT 232-W01 Elementary Statistics
18563 LMSS 404-W01 Church Growth and Planting
18613 LMSS 404-W11 Church Growth and Planting
18598 LNUR 330-W01 EBP and Health Informatics
18597 LNUR 495-W01 Scholarship in Nursing
Theology and Ministry  
18582 LTHE 103-W01 Spirit-Empowered Living
18588 LTHE 103-W11 Spirit-Empowered Living
18602 LTHE 103-W21 Spirit-Empowered Living
18605 LTHE 103-W31 Spirit-Empowered Living
18608 LTHE 103-W41 Spirit-Empowered Living
18614 LTHE 103-W51 Spirit-Empowered Living
18571 LTHE 217-W01 Seminar in Theological Research
18564 LTHE 299-W01 Intro to Theology
18600 LTHE 299-W11 Intro to Theology
18565 LTHE 444-W01 Contemporary Theology

 Fall Session B: October 19 - December 6, 2015

19305 LACT 320-W01 Quantitative Analysis
19364 LBIB 251-W01 Biblical Greek I
19360 LBIB 499-W01 Senior Paper
Biblical Literature
19304 LBLT 120-W01 Survey of New Testament Literature
19337 LBLT 120-W11 Survey of New Testament Literature
19338 LBLT 120-W21 Survey of New Testament Literature
19349 LBLT 120-W31 Survey of New Testament Literature
19366 LBLT 120-W41 Survey of New Testament Literature
19371 LBLT 120-W51 Survey of New Testament Literature
19380 LBLT 120-W61 Survey of New Testament Literature
19306 LBUS 326-W01 Business Law II
19357 LBUS 499-W01 Seminar and Senior Paper
19381 LCHE 101L-W01 Principles of Chemistry Lab
Christian Caregiving  
19308 LCCC 321-W01 Pastoral Approaches to Counsel
19367 LCCC 321-W11 Pastoral Approaches to Counsel
19329 LCCC 411-W01 Practical Applications of Helping Skills 
19310 LCCC 429-W01 Substance Abuse
19309 LCCC 499-W01 Senior Practicum/ Project
Church Ministry  
19322 LCHM 304-W01 Intro to Christian Education
19365 LCHM 304-W11 Intro to Christian Education
19374 LCHM 304-W21 Intro to Christian Education
19295 LCHM 499-W01 Senior Practicum/Project
19299 LCOM 101-W01 Oral Communication
19361 LCOM 101-W11 Oral Communication
19290 LCOM 203-W01 Interpersonal Communication
19311 LCOM 410-W01 Discuss/ Conference Leadership
English Composition  
19312 LCMP 303-W01 Critical Reading and Writing
General Studies  
19313 LGEN 099-W01 Whole Person Assessment
19355 LGEN 114-W01 Online Learning Strategies
19372 LGEN 499-W01 Senior Paper/Project
19291 LGOV 335-W01 Christian Faith and Government: Theory
19314 LGOV 341-W01 Public Administration
19315 LGOV 369-W01 Protocol and Diplomacy
Health Fitness  
19316 LHPE 002-W01 Health Fitness II
19370 LHPE 002-W11 Health Fitness II
19317 LHPE 102-W01 Fitness for Life II
19335 LHIS 101-W01 American History Survey
19294 LHUM 102-W01 Christian Worldview and Culture
19318 LHUM 244-W01 Romantic and Modern Humanities
Leadership Studies  
19319 LLDR 399-W01 Leadership Studies Practicum
19307 LMKT 130-W01 Principles of Marketing
19362 LMKT 130-W11 Principles of Marketing
19373 LMKT 130-W21 Principles of Marketing
19356 LMAT 105-W01 College Algebra
19379 LMAT 105-W11 College Algebra
19320 LMAT 151-W01 Mathematics and Society
19327 LNUR 320-W01 Health Promotion and Culture
19328 LNUR 450-W01 Health Assessment II
19358 LNUR 460-W01 Pharmacotherapeutics II
19359 LNUR 498-W01 Research/ Senior Paper I
19303 LPSY 201-W01 Principles of Psychology
19377 LPSY 201-W11 Principles of Psychology
19368 LTHE 103-W01 Spirit-Empowered Living
19324 LTHE 304-W01 Contemporary Religions/America
19378 LTHE 304-W11 Contemporary Religions/America
19325 LTHE 402-W01 Divine Healing
19375 LTHE 402-W11 Divine Healing
19326 LTHE 462-W01 History of the Church II: Medieval Church
19376 LTHE 462-W11 History of the Church II: Medieval Church
19343 LWRT 430-W01 Grant Writing

Online Learning students may take up to eight hours of online courses in a seven-week session. 

Main-campus students must petition to take up to eight hours of online courses in a seven-week session and will be required to pay the per-credit hour rate above the UG tuition block during fall/spring semesters. Main-campus students are not required to petition for online courses during the summer.

The above CRN's (course request numbers) apply to Online Learning students only.  CRNs for terms not listed above may be queried using the VISION class schedule.