Bruno Teles

Bruno Teles

Instructor of Business and International Business Advisor

Bruno believes the thing most people would find interesting about him is that he has a story about almost everything. If the story about how he ended up at ORU is an indication of the other stories in his arsenal, he, indeed, has some very special stories to tell.

Before arriving at ORU, Bruno was a corporate lawyer for the energy sector in Brazil. Dissatisfied with his position because he was finding it very hard to be a corporate lawyer and a Christian at the same time, he decided to pursue a MBA abroad. As divine providence would have it, his wife had an aunt living in Broken Arrow. Bruno emailed every single MBA program in the Tulsa metropolitan area asking for information about the program. ORU was the only university to respond. He applied to ORU, finished his MBA, and was invited to teach in the College of Business. “I don’t know any other place that makes me happier than ORU,” Bruno says, “I don’t have a work here, I have a mission actually.”

His typical day as Instructor of International Business, International Marketing, and International Finance involves three basic components: preparing for classes, teaching classes, and helping students on a one-on-one basis during office hours, which is actually the favorite part of his day. During these times, he has the opportunity to listen to the dreams of his students and hear their ideas and suggestions. Being part of their success is one of his greatest rewards. Bruno believes that knowledge is something you can get anywhere, but he wants to prepare his students for life. His goal for his students is to know how to apply theory to life.

There are many things that Bruno enjoys about ORU. Topping the list is the unique ambiance of ORU that is hard to explain except in the acknowledgment that the presence of God can be felt everywhere. He also enjoys the camaraderie of the professors at ORU, their care for each other personally, and the fact that they all want the students to succeed. 

When not at ORU, Bruno likes to spend time with his wife, read, or talk about business - which he can do anytime.  A book, besides the Bible, that made an impression on his business-life was Blue Ocean Strategy which he states “turned everything he knew about the business industry upside down.”

When asked what advice he would like to give others, Bruno says, “I gave up on planning my life because it never worked. Dr. Marshall Wright taught me something I’ll never forget—we have to focus on doing the very next thing right. I would have never thought that one day I would be teaching in an American university and working toward a doctoral degree. That’s the lesson I would like to pass on: Leave God in the command.”

Law Degree, Universidade Federal de Sergipe, Brazil
MBA, Oral Roberts University

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