Dr. David Burkus

Dr. David Burkus

Associate Professor of Management

Teaching organizational behavior and management courses at ORU, David Burkus is sometimes known as “the token psychologist.”  Interestingly, his journey to this point began in 2001 as an ORU student.

“When I was a student, what brought me to ORU was that it was an accredited, Christian university,” Burkus shared. “What kept me here was the idea of, overall, we have a student body that just wants to try to change the world for the positive.”

After graduating from ORU, he left the University to pursue his career. Despite his time working in the pharmaceutical industry and attending graduate school, he never fully left campus as he is married to the daughter of one of his former ORU professors.

“I think she is secretly enjoying the fact that she married an ORU professor even though she didn’t know it at the time,” Burkus said.

Burkus is the founder and host of LDRLB (pronounced 'leader lab"), a podcast that shares insights from research on leadership, innovation and strategy. His expertise has been sought after by Fortune 500 companies, national business conferences and the United States Naval Academy. Then, ten years after arriving on campus for the first time, Burkus was given the opportunity to teach the next generation.  He happily agreed and began teaching at ORU in 2011.

“To be a part of that influence on the next generation of students, to help them change the world—that is what excites me the most” Burkus said.

D.S.L., Regent University
M.A., University of Oklahoma
B.A., Oral Roberts University

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