Faculty Profiles

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Dr. Ardith Baker

Associate Professor of Business

Dr. David Burkus

Associate Professor of Management

Dr. David Dyson

Professor of Management

Dr. Bill Elliott

Assistant Professor of Accounting

Dr. Doris Feltham

Associate Professor of Finance

Ray Gregg

Assistant Professor of Accounting

Dr. Rebecca Gunn

Associate Professor of Marketing

Dr. Julie Huntley

Dean of the College of Business

Jane Malcolm

Assistant Professor and Assistant Director of Library Public Services

Dr. Benjamin Peter

Assistant Professor of Management

Dr. James Russell

Professor of Economics and Chair of the Undergraduate College of Business

Dr. Kevin Schneider

Associate Professor of Business

Bruno Teles

Instructor of Business and International Business Advisor

Jim Toft

Instructor of Management

Terry Unruh

Assistant Professor of Accounting

Dr. Jonathan Wiley

Assistant Professor of Finance

Dr. Marshal Wright

Chair of the Graduate School of Business