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Whole Person Education

How do I get nominated?

At ORU you'll discover a fusion of world-class academics, engaging campus life, high-energy athletics and a deep spiritual growth in Christ.  This holistic, whole-person approach to education is grounded in faith and focused on successful student outcomes.

Getting a whole person education means discovering your true vocation, or calling, and then putting that vocation to work in the world.  To be effective, you have to be well prepared - spiritually, intellectually, physically and socially. You'll be enhancing every aspect of your talent and potential — and preparing to change the world for the better.

Truth and knowledge await you at ORU - but you must pursue a whole person education actively.  When you do so, you'll find yourself undergoing an amazing transformation, becoming the whole person God intended you to be. 

A whole person education is ...

  • Flexible and Relevant Academic Programs — We offer more than 65 undergraduate majors, 49 minors and a broad range of respected pre-professional programs with high acceptance rates in law, medicine and other fields.
  • Exceptional Faculty — Many ORU faculty members have earned graduate degrees from some of the nation's best schools, including Baylor, Duke, Johns Hopkins, MIT, Notre Dame, Purdue, Vanderbilt and Yale.
  • Supportive, Christ-centered Community — ORU is a unique faith-based community, where academic excellence is infused with the Holy Spirit.
  • Promoting Physical Health — Promoting physical health through athletic competition is an important part of our whole person philosophy of education.

ORU's commitment to whole-person education led to the establishment of the Quest Whole Person Scholarship.  It's a generous scholarship for the ambitious, well-rounded students who aspire to the "whole-person" ideal of intellectual, physical, social and spiritual development. 

Scholarships Available:

Visit for program guidelines and deadlines.

Recipients of this major award must demonstrate:

  • Academic achievement
  • Christian worldview
  • Leadership ability
  • Healthy lifestyle
  • Commitment to service
  • Desire to impact the world for Christ

Whole Person Assessment brochure