OBI Course List

Biblical Studies  
DBIB-101 Old Testament Survey
DBIB-120 New Testament Survey
DBIB-362 Life of Christ
DBIB-363 End Time Events (Biblical Eschatology)
DBIB-364 Life of Paul
DBIB-376 Hebrews and General Epistles
DBIB-374 Romans: Your Path to Victory
DBIB-400 Biblical Interpretation (Hermeneutics)
DBIB-421 Pentateuch
DBIB-437 Poetical Literature
DBIB-455 Luke/Acts
Theological and Historical Studies  


Holy Spirit in the Now
DTHE-230 Christian Faith and Ministry
DTHE-303 Major World Religions
DTHE-304 Contemporary Religions/Cults
DTHE-313 Biblical Doctrines I
DTHE-314 Biblical Doctrines II
DTHE-399 Signs and Wonders I
DTHE-400 Signs and Wonders II (Principles & Patterns of Divine Healing)
DTHE-410 Theology & Practice of Spiritual Warfare

Contemporary Theology(DTHE-230 or THE 313 & 314 and DTHE
454 Prerequisite)


History of Christianity I


History of Christianity II

Practices of Ministry  
DPRM-300 History & Philosophy of Christian Education
DPRM-301 Intro. to Christian Caregiving
DPRM-304 Educational Ministries of Church
DPRM-305 Teaching the Bible
DPRM-312 Faith and Human Development

Principles of Biblical Counseling

DPRM-320 Ministry Practicum
DPRM-321 Christian Approaches to Counseling

Intro. to Christian Missions


Ministry and Leadership Development
DPRM-340 Sermon Preparation
DPRM-397 Ministry Internship
DPRM-402 Discipleship and Small Groups
DPRM-405 Crisis Intervention
DPRM-418 Marriage and Family
DPRM-429 Intro. to Codependency Counseling
DPRM-430 Evangelism
DPRM-449 Spiritual Issues in Substance Abuse
DPRM-454 Youth Ministry
DPRM-460 Church Administration