Library Faculty and Staff

Bloom, Myra 918.495.7174 Bibliographic Instruction/Reference Librarian
Dunham, Dr. Linda 918.495.7085 CMC Supervisor
Elk, Jilda 918.495.6392 Circulation Supervisor
Harger, Lynn 918.495.6723 Assistant to the Dean
Higeons, Dana 918.495.6885 Head of Cataloging/Computer Services
  918.495.6028 Reserves
Horton, Jennifer 918.495.6881 Cataloging Assistant
Jernigan, Dr. William 918.495.6723 Dean of the University Library
Landers, Gerry 918.495.7001 CMC Director
Malcolm, Jane 918.495.7495 Assistant Director for Public Services

Murray, Charla 

918.495.7519 Music Listening Lab Assistant
Roberts, Dr. Mark 918.495.6898 Holy Spirit Research Center Director
Rydin, Roger 918.495.6750 Archives/Records Central
Sample, Angela 918.495.6895 Reference Librarian
Shelton, Dr. Sally Jo 918.495.6902 Theological Librarian
Stubbs, Judy 918.495.6889 Assistant Director for Technical and Computer Services
Sullivan, Janelle 918.495.6882 Cataloging Assistant
Villines, Annette 918.495.7378 Head Reference Librarian
Walker, MaryAnn 918.495.6896 Electronic Resources Librarian