Electronic Books

As of September 2015, the ORU Library provides access to some 145,000 eBooks.  The eBook collections whose titles are searchable in the Library catalog are listed below in descending order of size. These collections are also listed in the Databases by Type LibGuide. For tips on how to highlight and annotate the Library's eBooks online and how to download them so that they can be read offline on a laptop or mobile device, use the Downloading & Using Library eBooks LibGuide.

eBook Collections

ebrary Academic Complete is a collection of 127,827 academic electronic books from a wide variety of scholarly and professional publishers. Concentrations are in the areas of Business & Economics, Computers & Technology, Humanities, the Social Sciences and more. 

eBook Collection (EBSCOhost) is composed 13,237 titles, of which 9,932 were originally from NetLibrary. 

Credo Reference is a collection of some 746 online reference titles from various publishers. 

Gale Virtual Reference Library is a collection of some 179 reference works, several of which are in-depth subject encyclopedias and dictionaries. 

Books@Ovid includes 19 full-text eBooks related to nursing and the nursing profession. 

Audiobook Collection (EBSCOhost) is a collection of 20 downloadable audiobooks. 


Selected eReference Titles

Encyclopædia Britannica Online, 2011

Encyclopaedia Judaica, 2d ed., 22 vols., 2007

Encyclopedia of Bioethics, 3d ed., 5 vols., 2004

Encyclopedia of Counseling, 3d ed., 2007

Encyclopedia of Global Religion, 2 vols., 2012

Encyclopedia of Hebrew Language and Linguistics, 4 vols., 2013

Encyclopedia of Philosophy, 2d ed., 10 vols., 2005

Encyclopedia of Religion, 2d ed., 15 vols., 2005

Encyclopedia of Sociology, 2d ed., 5 vols., 2001

The Gale Encyclopedia of Science, 4th ed., 6 vols., 2008

International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences, 2d ed., 9 vols., 2008

New Catholic Encyclopedia, 2d ed., 15 vols., 2003, and supplements 2001, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012-2013

New Dictionary of the History of Ideas, 6 vols., 2005

Oxford English Dictionary Online, 2011

Statistical Abstract of the United States, 2014


Embedded eBooks

In addition to the eBook collections, some eBooks are embedded in other non-eBook-specific databases. These embedded eBooks are not cataloged and therefore unsearchable in the library catalog.

To find embedded eBooks, go to the A-to-Z Journal List and do an advanced search, limiting it to "Books Only." Generally, the most productive search is the inclusive search ("all of the above") that uses a truncated form of the search term, e.g. market*. Or, for fewer results, limit the search to title or subject and/or key in the full term, e.g. marketing. Unless you know the exact title of the book you are looking for, you may be able to find a relevant title more easily if you select "Contains" rather than "Begins with." 

In most cases, embedded eBooks are downloadable by chapter in PDF format, and may be read offline by downloading to a PDF reader or app.


Open Access eBooks

The eBooks and eBook collections listed here are restricted to use by current ORU students, faculty, and staff, but the Library also offers a Web page of free eBooks, which lists a number of open-access eBook collections. 


If you have questions about the eBooks provided by the ORU Library, please Ask-a-Librarian.

Updated: September 1, 2015.