Student Evaluation for Library Session

Students, your feedback is important to us! Please help us to improve AND strengthen our Library Instruction Program by completing this short evaluation form. Thank you. We appreciate your input!

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1.  The information presented in the library instruction class was useful to me.
        Strongly Agree       Agree       Neutral       Disagree       Strongly Disagree

2.  The library instructor was knowledgeable and helpful.
        Strongly Agree       Agree       Neutral       Disagree       Strongly Disagree

3.  The handouts were useful.
        Very useful      Useful      Not Useful      Not Applicable (there were no handouts)

4.  The pace of the session was:
        Just Right      Too Fast      Too Slow

5.  As a result of this session, I will be able to utilize resources and information more effectively.
        Strongly Agree       Agree       Neutral       Disagree       Strongly Disagree

6.  My overall impression of the library resources is:
        Excellent      Very Good      Good      Fair      Poor

Please check any that apply to you:

      Cover MORE information during a session.
      Cover LESS information during the class.
   I am interested in a Library Workshop
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  Daytime beginning of the semester
  Evening middle of the semester
  Weekend end of the semester

Other comments: What did you like best? What did you find most useful?