Why study abroad while at ORU?

Spending a semester or even a summer in a new place can be a very exciting and rewarding experience. Studying abroad combines the adventure of traveling with the benefits of taking classes in a new place. When you study abroad, you gain an entirely new understanding of everyday life in a different culture.  You learn, for example, to buy local food, open a bank account, attend classes, and celebrate traditional festivals in a different country. You come to develop new friendships and networks of people while exploring a new home away from home and making it your own.

Students in any discipline are welcome to apply to study abroad at ORU, not just language students. Of course, you will have to work with your department to make sure the classes you take are transferable, but ORU provides considerable flexibility in its travel study options. English speaking countries like Great Britain and Australia are popular, and many foreign universities have classes in English for those who do not speak a second language. Business, International Relations, and International Community Development majors would particularly benefit from time outside the United States.

The benefits of studying abroad are many.  It can help you achieve your educational goals. Often, getting an additional major or minor in foreign language can be difficult if your primary major has few electives. If you study abroad during a summer, you can receive up to nine credit hours toward your major or minor.  In a semester, you can earn up to fifteen credit hours.

Further, studying in a new environment can give you a fresh perspective on your current academic program and help you develop skills that will be highly desirable in a competitive job market.  Through the experience, you can improve language skills, develop professional networks, and gain cultural understanding that is essential in an increasingly globalized world. Most importantly, it will be a life-changing experience in which you grow in your knowledge of yourself and of God's world.

Although the benefits of studying abroad are significant, many students are concerned about the costs. Financing a summer or semester abroad may not be as difficult as you think.  Many of the loans currently available to ORU students can be applied toward off-campus tuition, and scholarships may be available.  Very often, the cost of a semester abroad is about the same as studying at ORU.  After you decide on a program, you can speak with a financial aid specialist who can better explain your options.

Preparing to study off campus does take planning and effort, but it is well worth the investment. To begin the process, contact the International Student Center, or click "Getting Started."

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