Cost of Education

2019 - 2020 Academic Year

Percentage Receiving Aid

Information Source: Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS) for 2015-2016 full-time, incoming freshmen.


Direct Costs

TUITION1 $14,499 $28,998
ROOM2 $1,975 $3,950
BOARD/MEAL PLAN $2,250 $4,500
STUDENT FEES3 $536 $1,072
$19,260 $38,520

1Tuition is based on a full-time course load (12 - 18.5 hours). Per credit hour costs of $1,211 apply if enrolled in over 18.5 or under 12.0 credit hours. Tuition and fees subject to change every academic year.

2The room component of the financial aid budget is based on a standard, double occupancy room.  Actual room charges may change based on selection. To view more housing options, visit or see the housing section below.

3This cost is calculated based on the Technology Fee for all residential terms ($160 for full-time and part-time) plus the General Fee ($376 for full-time). Combined these cover access to technology services and matriculation and general student activities, such as health services, campus security, campus publications, intramurals, library services, athletic events and others.

Indirect Costs

In addition to the direct cost displayed above, financial aid may also be used to help with certain indirect costs related to your educational pursuits.  The financial aid budget provides allowances for books, travel and certain miscellaneous expenses.  These expenses are indirect in that specific charges or expenses are not paid directly.  When added to direct costs, the total budget provides the basis for financial aid awarding.


 Books and Supplies



 Travel Allowance



 Miscellaneous Expenses







Housing Options (per semester)

Freshman & Sophomores
Sophomores & Transfer Students
Room Options By Residence Hall
Towers (Frances, Michael, Susie, Susie North)
Gabrielle Floor 3
Gabrielle Floors 1 & 2 with Private Bath
Standard Double Room $1,975 $1,975 $1,975 $1,975 $2,210
Private Room  $2,475 $2,475 $2,475 $2,475 $2,710
Suites/Special Rooms $3,325 3,325 - $2,210
Double Room with Private Bath

Meal Plan Options

Meal Plan Option
FLEX EAGLE 7 meals/wk & $500 Sodexo/semester $2,250/semester
FLEX GOLD    10 meals/wk & $350 Sodexo/semester $2,250/semester
FLEX PLUS  14 meals/wk & $250 Sodexo/semester $2,250/semester
FLEX ONE 17 meals/wk & $200 Sodexo/semester $2,250/semester
BASIC UNLIMITED ALL ACCESS to Cafeteria $2,250/semester

All meal plans cost $2,250 per semester. Students will select a meal plan during the online room selection process. If you desire to change your meal plan after you have made a selection, you may do so by submitting a Meal Plan Change request in VISION beginning July 1st. Adjustments can be made up to two weeks following the start of each semester. After the Drop/Add date (August 28th), meal plans cannot be changed. For more information about meal plan options, visit