As part of the admissions process for Oral Roberts University, full time students are required to provide a completed Medical Assessment which includes a medical history, a physical examination, physician’s recommendation for exercise and immunization records.  Medical Assessments and copies of immunization records should be sent to:

ORU Student Health Services

EMR Dorm 1st Floor

7777 South Lewis Avenue
Tulsa, OK  74171 

Oral Roberts is in compliance with the State of Oklahoma’s requirements for the immunization of college students.  ORU’s requirements are as follows for all full time and/or residential students:

DtaP/DTP/DT/Td (dip/tet series)       5 doses
If the Td (tetanus/diphtheria) has not been taken within the last ten years, a booster is required.

IPV/OPV (polio series)       4 doses
Childhood immunizations.  Not required after the age of 18 except for the
purpose of foreign travel.

MMR Series        2 doses
One measles/mumps/rubella combination AND one measles vaccination.

TB Skin Test (PPD)*       1 test
Must be taken within one year prior to the beginning of active enrollment. 
If the student has a “positive” reading, report from a chest x-ray is required.

Meningococcal Vaccination      1 dose

Hepatitis B Series       3 doses
HepB2 is taken 1 month after HepB1, and HepB3 is taken 4-6 months thereafter.

Varicella       1 dose recommended
Not required.  Student should indicate on Medical Assessment whether
they have had the Varicella vaccination and/or chicken pox disease.

Part Time Students are required to provide immunization records for the MMR series, Hep B series, Meningococcal vaccine and a TB Skin Test.  If a part time student is enrolled in any HPER class an ORU Medical Assessment is also required.