Meet Your Enrollment Counselor

Advantage On-Campus Enrollment Counselor

Rozy Simon


Phone: 918.495.6670
Text: 539.777.0763

Graduate from ORU: 2014
Hometown: Huntsville, Alabama
Degree: Elementary Education - English Language Learners

What do you love about ORU?
There is so much to love about ORU! I think my favorite thing about ORU is the dorm life. I lived in Towers for two years and in Claudius for two years. Some of the best friendships I have made at ORU were from the girls that lived on my floor. I have so many fun memories that I will never forget from living at ORU. I also really love ORU as a community. The students are so accepting, the faculty is so caring, and the campus is so lively. I love being at a university where I can grow in my academic ability and grow in my relationship with God.

What activities were you involved in at ORU?
I was involved in several activities here at ORU. One of the programs I was most involved with was the Chaplain Program. Being a Chaplain in Claudius was one of the things I enjoyed most about being at ORU. Throughout my time in the program I was able to encourage and be encouraged by other students to pursue the Lord and grow in my relationship with Him. I was also involved in ORU Prayer Movement, Worship Choir, and Missions and Outreach. I loved every program I was involved in and made some really great connections with students from all over the world!

What's your favorite thing to do in Tulsa?
Tulsa is such a fun city! My favorite thing to do is go downtown with my friends and eat at one of our favorite restaurants. I also love spending time outside hanging out in the Prayer Gardens on campus or at some of the parks around town. I am always up for a picnic, flying kites, or riding bikes around town.