Information for Pastors

Girl in ChapelThere are many colleges and universities you can recommend to the students in your church. We hope that Oral Roberts University is at the top of your list. Our vision is to empower young people to be spiritually alive, intellectually alert, physically disciplined, socially adept and professionally competent. We hope to do more than just educate the mind, we want to educate the Whole Person—spirit, mind and body.

We also want you to be equipped with the right information about the admissions process and scholarship opportunities. You can request admissions information be sent to your church so your students can learn more about ORU. You can request a visit by a counselor. We will do our best to send the counselor for your area out to visit the students in your church. You can also nominate outstanding students for the Quest Whole Person Scholarship. Last year we gave away 31 full-tuition scholarships to deserving students, many of whom were nominated by their pastors for the award. Please contact us with any specific questions you have about ORU. We want you to know how much we value your impact on the students in your church. We hope to make a similar impact on them if they choose to attend ORU.