High School Counselors

Counselor teachingFinding the Right Connection for Your Students

At ORU we understand that students have many options to consider when choosing a college or university to attend. With so many options, it's hard to tell one school from another. As a counselor, we know you help students make that tough decision, so we want you to be armed with as much knowledge as possible.

ORU is special in its approach to education because we believe that students should be actively engaged in their field of study even as undergraduate students. We are a teaching university, where the professors are in the classroom and sharing research opportunities with their students. These chances to rub shoulders with our highly accomplished faculty will prepare your students to launch into their careers with more than theory under their belts. They will have hands on training that will keep them a step ahead of the competition.

We also integrate a spiritual focus in all areas of study so students are getting an education that is consistent with the Whole Person concept that ORU believes is critical to student success. Our nursing students don't just learn to treat the person's physical symptoms; they learn the importance of spiritual health as well. Our business students learn that strong ethics are key to succeeding in the corporate world. This integrated approach to academics creates graduates who are spiritually alive, intellectually alert, physically disciplined, socially adept and professionally competent.

There are many ways we can partner with you as you meet students who have an interest in our institution. You can request a packet of information be sent to you which will include general information about ORU along with applications. You can email the admissions counselor who will be working with your students directly and they can answer your questions. You can also invite an admissions counselor to visit your school. We would love to send your admission counselor to do one-on-one admissions counseling with your students or attend an upcoming seminar or college fair.

We have a list of other helpful resources to the left that you can use when counseling students. All in all, we want you to feel comfortable recommending ORU to your students. Please feel free to contact us to let us know how we can make your job easier.