Enrollment Counselors

Audrey Ripley

Audrey Ripley

Associate Director of Enrollment

Email: aripley@oru.edu
Phone: 918.495.6315
Text: 918.935.0303

Graduate from ORU: 2012
Hometown: McAllen, TX
Degree: Psychology

What do you love about ORU?

What I love the most about ORU is the people and the environment that this school has to offer. Throughout my time at ORU, I fell in love with the people that comprise this great school. I made so many friendships that have impacted my life tremendously. I came across people within this campus that were genuine and encouraging. Just as the student body impressed me, the faculty is also another reason as to why I love ORU. The faculty truly cares about the student body, and they show that through their dedication to prayer for students, as well as through their intentionality to seek a positive student-faculty relationship. ORU really is a great place to grow and learn, and I am so grateful for the time that I have gotten to study here!

What activities were you involved in at ORU?

Two of my favorite activities that I was involved in were ORU Missions and Outreach and my time as a Chaplain. As a Chaplain, I was given the privilege of getting to be actively involved with the girls on my floor. That time was filled with so many great memories, from getting to pray with my floor to the nights of staying up late watching movies. There was never a dull moments when it came to that floor! ORU Missions and Outreach was another program that I really enjoyed being a part of. When first coming to ORU, that was the activity that I was most excited to be a part of. ORU has so many outreach teams that go out on several days of the week. I really enjoyed being a part of a student body that is so eager to go out and serve.

What's your favorite thing to do in Tulsa?

I absolutely love how Tulsa is filled with so many different unique areas to explore! I love to go on adventures around town looking for new places make memories in. I have found myself often hiking through Turkey Mountain, exploring downtown, running down riverside, antique shopping in Jenks. The list goes on and on! Tulsa really is filled with so many options of places to see and things to do.