Enrollment Counselors

Brandon Pemberton

Brandon Pemberton

Enrollment Counselor

Email: bpemberton@oru.edu
Phone: 918.495.6204
Text: 918.935.0303

What do you love about ORU?

I love the family environment at ORU. The faculty, staff, and students all carry a genuine love and respect for who you are as an individual and strive to help you discover that uniqueness and where it can thrive. Both those in faculty and administration take on the role of both educator and mentor in order to care for who you are both academically and personally. The community is an active place of growth that also stands as a foundation for support in the growing process. Not only are encouraged to fulfill your potential and change your world, but you are also cared for and encouraged when the process seems hard.

What activities were you involved in at ORU?

I was heavily involved in the Chaplain Program at ORU. I served as a floor chaplain, a head chaplain, and as the Graduate Assistant for the program. I loved the heart of the program which was to actively love God by loving people. It gave me the opportunity to learn how to let what I do flow out of me being, which is living out of my identity as a son of God. I had the opportunity to see lives changed in the most unique and profound ways in this process, while also learning to lead from the place service.

What's your favorite thing to do in Tulsa?

To be honest, I love the food in Tulsa. There is a growing diversity in the culinary experience in Tulsa that is amazing. I also love the art crawl that is held downtown on the first Friday of every month. Movies are a huge thing for me as well, so I frequent the theaters often.