Enrollment Counselors

Carolyn Udall

Carolyn Udall

Sr. Enrollment Counselor

Email: cudall@oru.edu
Phone: 918.495.6642
Text: 918.935.0303

Graduate from ORU: 2013
Hometown: North Attleboro, MA
Degree: Psychology

What do you love about ORU?

What I love about ORU is the emphasis on community. From day one, ORU helped cultivate a sense of belonging from dorm life to the classrooms to the multitude of on campus activities. ORU is not just about your individual journey through academia. It's about you and a few thousand other students whose paths, for a brief time, converge to meet with yours. I made friends with similar passions and interests and also connected with and learned from so many others who were different from me. ORU brings people together from so many different walks of life and creates a unique shared environment in which they can connect and grow together. The community of ORU is a beautiful representation of the diverse body of Christ living and working together to further God's Kingdom.

What activities were you involved in at ORU?

As a student at ORU, I was involved in several different activities. The two programs I spent most of my time with were the Chaplain Program and Missions and Outreach. The Chaplain Program was a great way to get involved with the other girls on my floor. There were times when the girls and I would engage in deep conversation and prayer, and then other times when we had a taco fiesta in the common area. On top of the special relationships formed, I was challenged and developed in my personal character and also as a leader. I went on my first mission trip to the Philippines at the end of my sophomore year and felt, for the first time, God's heart for the nations. During the following two years, I had the privilege of leading both community outreach teams and summer missions teams. Words cannot express how amazing it is to work with a group of likeminded individuals to make a lasting impact in our city and in the nations. Missions and Outreach challenged me to step out of my comfort zone, strip off my pride and selfishness, and dream big dreams for the world.

What's your favorite thing to do in Tulsa?

I enjoy activities that allow me to be outdoors. For that reason, I often find myself meeting with friends for a run down Riverside Parks or a leisurely hike up Turkey Mountain. During the summer and early fall, I love going downtown to Guthrie Green for the "Movie in the Park" each week. Also, downtown Tulsa has many trendy restaurants and coffee shops that are perfect for either study time or study breaks. In the years that I have lived here, I have been pleasantly surprised by the vast array of activities Tulsa has to offer.