Music Arts

Bachelor of Arts Degree

Program Overview

The Music Department at ORU places a strong emphasis on imparting music's past, present and future prospects to its students within a Christian, charismatic environment. As part of the ongoing process to provide a comprehensive undergraduate foundation in music, the Music Department purposes to:

  • Provide opportunities for students to develop their music capabilities and interests through the use of music as a socializing force, as an aid to compassionate understanding of themselves and their environment and as an avenue of self-expression
  • Stimulate an appreciation and love for music through the study of its various disciplines
  • Develop techniques for mature evaluation of musical standard
Music Arts Major
Olivia Vinzant

"I chose the Music Arts major because it offers a solid study of the fundamentals of music. I love the many areas of music my major covers--how it's not focused on one specific genre of music but many, which also provides an opportunity to use that knowledge in any musical endeavor.

"My professors are passionate about what they teach and sincere in helping me succeed in my study of music."

Student: Olivia
Major: Music Arts
Hometown: Oxford, MS

The Music Arts major is designed for music scholars desiring to increase their fundamental understanding of the history and development of music and the progression of music styles. Students choosing the Music Arts major concentrate their studies either in arts or technology.

Concentration Areas

This concentration emphasizes general studies in music with an applied area of study. Students chose their applied areas of music study from among the following choices:

  • Voice
  • Brass--trumpet, trombone, French horn, baritone horn, tuba
  • Strings--violin, viola, cello, double bass
  • Woodwinds--flute, oboe, clarinet, saxophone, bassoon
  • Percussion
  • Guitar
  • Harp
  • Electric bass
  • Keyboard--piano, organ, harpsichord

Weekly participation in vocal, keyboard, orchestral instruction or an audio workstation lesson is an integral part of this concentration. Additionally students participate in an in-depth study focusing on the history of Western music and the development of styles and literature of music in Europe and the Americas, as well as non-western traditions.


Student Societies, Clubs and Extracurricular opportunities

Collegiate Music Educators National Conference (CMENC)
CMENC is an organization that focuses on music education but is open to all music majors. It sponsors many of the music activities that occur on and off campus and is a great networking tool for any person who desires a career in music.
Music Therapy Club 


With a degree from the ORU Music Department you will be equipped for teaching in public and private schools, teaching in private studios, performing in professional music organizations, working in related music fields and church ministries. Additionally you will acquire an adequate background for further study in graduate schools.

Course Offerings
  • Music Seminar
  • Music Theory
  • Sight Singing and Ear Training
  • Intro to Music Production
  • Conducting
  • Music in World Cultures
  • Applied Lessons
  • Applied Music
  • Performance Ensembles
  • History and Literature of Music
  • Music Appreciation

Degree Plan

Music Arts Minor Degree Plan

Admission to the music program requires a separate application with the Music Department and an audition. Applicants will be notified of their acceptance to the university by the Admissions Office; they will be notified of acceptance as a music major by the Music Department. Download a copy of the music major application here.